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British Gas

Warmer UK weather impacts on British Gas profits

Centrica, the owner of British Gas, reported on Thursday that the UK energy supplier’s residential supply operating profit declined by 26% to GBP265m in the first half of 2014, as a result of higher weather temperatures in Britain this year. […]

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London Rain

5 Examples of How Economies are Inextricably Linked to Weather

Economics and weather have always been closely linked. Since ancient times, people's behaviour has been significantly impacted by climate and weather.


Bad weather hits UK retail sales

Retail sales across the UK fell between February and March this year because of bad weather, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) reported today. The quantity bought in the

UK January snow

January snow hits UK retail sales

UK retail sales declined from December to January, surprising economists who had forecast sales to grow at the start of the year. Figures released today by the Office for

Petrol sales hit by panic-buying of fuel in March

Panic-buying of fuel in March led to a record fall in petrol sales and an overall decline in retail sales in April, the UK's Office for National Statistics

September Sun

Britons soak up the sun – but retailers not happy about hot weather

As Brits enjoy the unexpected hot weather this weekend, retailers are likely to be sweating over their sales.   The soaring temperatures are set to continue through the weekend till

Will wind power ever break even?

Energy Minister Charles Hendry admits he’s still not sure when wind power will start paying for itself. The Energy Minister admitted £2.2bn has been spent supporting

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