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Lower cost of fuel delivers £5 billion boost to British consumers

Motorist in Britain will save an average of GBP146 per year as a result of falling prices at fuel pumps, according to analysis release on Wednesday by financial services company Hargreaves Lansdown. Oil has fallen from USD115 per barrel last summer […]

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OFT to review pricing in UK petrol and diesel sector

The UK's Office of Fair Trading (OFT) is to review the cost of fuel at petrol stations in the UK, in light of continuing public concern about pump

Petrol sales hit by panic-buying of fuel in March

Panic-buying of fuel in March led to a record fall in petrol sales and an overall decline in retail sales in April, the UK's Office for National Statistics

Fuel tanker strike still looming

Strike by fuel tanker drivers in the UK still a possibility

Fuel tanker drivers in the UK could still go on strike, after Unite union representatives rejected proposals on resolving the ongoing dispute with six fuel distribution firms, reports

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Petrol suppliers accused of cashing in on panic

Drivers could be paying £1.50 a litre for petrol as shortages continue at many petrol stations across the country. Panic-buying problems are set to continue through the week. Many

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Fuel fiasco leaves girl unable to go to school

An angry 13-year-old girl has contacted the Prime Minister demanding an apology - after the fuel fiasco meant she could not go to school. Disgruntled youngster Lucy Royce was

Fuel tanker strike still looming

Petrol sales soar 85 per cent as motorists panic buy

Yesterday saw petrol up 85 per cent and diesel up 43 per cent as drivers rushed out to the pumps after a minister recommended stockpiling petrol at home. The

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No Robin Hood Budget: Over half of Brits say they will be worse off

Hopes of a Robin Hood Budget have been shattered with Brits saying the Budget has helped high earners more than low and middle income families, according to new

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At breaking point: As living costs rise, Brits turn to gambling

It has been revealed that one in ten Brits have turned to gambling or the lottery in a fraught attempt to reduce their debt problems, a study has

Soaring Petrol Prices

Petrol costs continue to soar as prices head towards the £100 fill up

Today could see petrol prices rise to an all-time high as prices increase towards the £100 fill up. Unleaded petrol has already accelerated to close to the record price

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