Social Media

Marketing dominated by social media in 2012

The past 12 months in marketing have been dominated by social media and mobile. While official stats for 2012 will not be complied for a while, here are a few facts and predictions that sum up the year in social […]

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Social Media

Social media marketing essential to reach and form relationships with consumers

Most brands will be well aware of the importance of social media as a marketing channel. Recent figures from marketing software provider HubSpot suggest that more than eight

social media marketing

More than half of all UK businesses use social media marketing strategies

Despite the overwhelming evidence that social media is a highly effective tool for business, companies on both sides of the Atlantic are still scratching their heads trying to

For successful growth businesses must overcome many barriers

The five barriers to business growth

According to UK Government statistics less than 20% of all companies achieve sustainable growth. Why is the number so low? What stops the majority of companies achieving growth? Roderic

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