Tablet computer users increase three-fold in 2013 according to Ofcom study

The Office of Communications (Ofcom), the independent regulator and competition authority for the UK communications industries, published its Adults’ Media Use and Attitudes Report on Tuesday, which reveals that the use of tablet computers for Internet access more than trebled, […]

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Cash strapped council to blow thousands on iPads

A CASH-STRAPPED council have been criticised for spending thousands of pounds on brand new iPads for councillors. Despite many already owning taxpayer funded laptops and Blackberry smartphones, 40 councillors

iPad Tops Christmas Lists for Men, Women, Children… and Burglars

It was the festive period’s most-wanted gift and according to early unit sale indications, the Apple iPad didn’t disappoint millions on Christmas morning. The touch-screen tablet is thought to

The Business of Innovation: Why Apple’s iPad Could Kill Amazon Stock

When launched the Kindle in 2007, publishing industry analysts took it as a sign that the entire world would soon change. Profits in the traditional publishing world

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