Heliconia takes delivery of 2 AW139 aircraft from Waypoint Leasing

Limerick, Ireland-based Waypoint Leasing Limited has delivered two additional AW139 helicopters to Heliconia Group, a regional provider of helicopter transportation and related support services, the company said.

These two aircraft join a third AW139 leased from Waypoint, all in support of oil and gas operations in Northwest Africa. Over the last month, Waypoint has placed eight aircraft on lease with operators, demonstrating improving market conditions and Waypoint´s success in remarketing aircraft.

Since its inception in 2013, Waypoint has been active in supporting oil and gas, utility, firefighting, and other industrial-focused helicopter operators. Waypoint´s portfolio includes more than 145 aircraft for 29 customers in 31 countries with total assets in excess of USD 1.6bn. Additionally, Waypoint has firm and option orders with aircraft manufacturers for more than 110 helicopters valued at more than USD 1.3bn, to be delivered over the next five years.

Waypoint is a global helicopter leasing company that provides operating lease and financing solutions to helicopter operators worldwide. The company has leased helicopters across Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, and North and South America. Waypoint serves a wide range of sectors including oil and gas, emergency medical service, search and rescue, firefighting and governmental support. In addition to Ireland, Waypoint has offices in London, the United States, Canada, Singapore, Brazil, South Africa, and Australia.

Established in 2008, Heliconia is a helicopter operator in Northwest and Sub Saharan Africa with helicopter capabilities for both onshore and offshore operations. The Heliconia Group, with subsidiaries based in Morocco, Senegal and France, currently operates a fleet of EC130, AS350, AS355, AS365 and AW139 helicopters. Heliconia´s services, include various offshore contracts, EMS services in Morocco, helicopter services supporting the Moroccan power distribution network, and other work such as helicopter support for the Africa Eco Race.

Astronics buys operating assets of Custom Controls Concepts

Astronics Corporation (NASDAQ:ATRO) has purchased the operating assets of Custom Controls Concepts (CCC), located in Kent, Washington, the company said.

CCC provides cabin management and in-flight entertainment (IFE) systems for the complete range of privately operated Boeing and Airbus aircraft, along with other select fixed and rotary wing aircraft models. Founded in 1998, CCC has completed more than 165 technology installations to date.

Astronics does not expect the acquisition to materially impact 2017 earnings, and has not released the terms of the transaction.

Astronics Corporation is a supplier of advanced technologies and products to the global aerospace, defense and semiconductor industries. Its products and services include advanced, high-performance electrical power generation and distribution systems, seat motion solutions, lighting and safety systems, avionics products, aircraft structures, systems certification and automated test systems.

United Airlines selects B/E Aerospace cabin seating

B/E Aerospace, Inc. (NASDAQ: BEAV) has announced that United Airlines has chosen its wide body main cabin seating, Aspire, for the 787-10, A350, and 777-200 retrofits, and its single aisle main cabin seating, Meridian, for the next generation 737 MAX 9, the company said.

The Aspire product line features an increase in seat width over current generation seats. A key feature of the Aspire patented comfort system is an advanced kinematic mechanism that cradles the passenger during recline while preserving maximum living space for each passenger. It also incorporates added under seat stowage and more passenger space due to the proprietary seat frame and leg structure. Passenger amenities combine the latest new generation Panasonic high definition monitor for In Flight Entertainment, a mid-level literature pocket combined with a full width single piece food tray, aft facing PC Power on all seat assemblies and ergonomic adjustable headrests.

Meridian, B/E Aerospace´s latest new generation passenger seating platform for narrow body aircraft, will launch on United´s 737 MAX 9 aircraft planned for delivery in 2018. This advancement in seat design provides more space, both side-to-side and forward and aft. A light weight seat, weight savings over current generation seating supports United´s ability to add passenger enhancing comfort amenities. Its in-back tablet holder will accommodate personal devices and will include PC Power on all seat assemblies. Longer flight comfort is enhanced with B/E´s patented Crystal Flex bottom diaphragm technology and full headrest.

United Airlines and United Express operate more than 4,500 flights a day to 339 airports across five continents. In 2016, United and United Express operated more than 1.6 million flights carrying more than 143 million customers. The airline operates 737 mainline aircraft and its United Express partners operate 483 regional aircraft, and is a founding member of Star Alliance, which provides service to 192 countries via 28 member airlines.

B/E Aerospace is a manufacturer of aircraft cabin interior products. The company designs, develops, and manufactures a broad range of products for both commercial aircraft and business jets including aircraft cabin seating, lighting systems, oxygen systems, food and beverage preparation and storage equipment, galley systems, and modular lavatory systems.

B/E Aerospace also provides cabin interior reconfiguration, program management, and certification services. B/E Aerospace sells and supports its products through its own global direct sales and product support organization.

Hawaiian Airlines debuts A321neo cabin design

Hawaiian Airlines has revealed a new cabin design for its A321neo fleet arriving later this year, the airline said.

Signature features of the interior concept and enhanced service evoke the natural splendor of Hawai´i through color and form, bringing the outdoors in, and extending “island time” from the moment a guest steps onboard.

The A321neos will complement Hawaiian´s fleet of long-haul, twin-aisle aircraft used for flying between Hawai´i and the US Mainland and 11 international destinations, and its narrow-body Boeing 717 fleet flying short, interisland routes.

Hawaiian expects to take delivery of 18 new A321neo aircraft between the fourth quarter of 2017 and 2020. Considered the most fuel-efficient aircraft of its type, the plane will seat 189 passengers with 16 First Class, 45 Extra Comfort and 128 Economy class seats. Sales for flights served by the new aircraft and the first dedicated routes will be announced later this year.

Hawaiian Airlines, a subsidiary of Hawaiian Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: HA), provides passenger air service from its primary visitor markets on the US Mainland. The airline offers non-stop service to Hawai´i from 11 US gateway cities, along with service from Japan, South Korea, China, Australia, New Zealand, American Samoa and Tahiti. Hawaiian also provides approximately 160 jet flights daily between the Hawaiian Islands, with a total of more than 200 daily flights system-wide.

NTV-PLUS and Eutelsat Strengthen Relationship across Russia's Key Video Neighbourhoods

NTV-PLUS, Russia´s original premium pay-TV platform, has consolidated its coverage across Siberia and extended broadcasting into the country´s Far East following the conclusion of contracts on two satellites with longstanding partner, Eutelsat Communications (Paris: ETL), the company said.

With the launch of new services on 1 April, NTV-PLUS is achieving its objective of full coverage of the Russian Federation, enabling viewers across the country to benefit from the diversity and quality of digital TV.

This new wave of expansion follows approvals earlier this year from Russia´s Federal Tender Commission for NTV-PLUS to extend its broadcasting footprint as far as the Pacific Coast.

NTV-PLUS has signed a multi-year, multi-transponder contract with Eutelsat covering the Express-AT2 satellite at 140 degrees East to reach homes in Far East Russia and incremental capacity on the Express-AT1 satellite at 56 degrees East to consolidate its coverage of Siberia.

Launched with Eutelsat over 20 years ago, NTV-PLUS today offers subscribers more than 240 special-interest channels including a growing stable of High Definition content. Its offer includes 42 channels produced by Gazprom Media with a strong focus on exclusive premium sport across 11 channels.

Established in 1977, Eutelsat Communications (Euronext Paris: ETL) provides capacity on 39 satellites to clients that include broadcasters and broadcasting associations, pay-TV operators, video, data and Internet service providers, enterprises and government agencies. Eutelsat´s satellites provide ubiquitous coverage of Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia-Pacific and the Americas, enabling video, data, broadband and government communications to be established irrespective of a user´s location.

Headquartered in Paris, with offices and teleports around the globe, Eutelsat represents a workforce of 1,000 men and women from 37 countries.

NTV-PLUS is the first Russian DTH – operator. Over 20 years NTV-PLUS has been a recognized expert in the field of satellite pay-TV. Mission of the company — to create affordable high-quality TV service for the whole family. NTV-PLUS subscribers have access to over 260 different content channels broadcasted in HD and UHD. The company covers all regions of Russia. The viewership of NTV-PLUS exceeds 3m people.

Telefonix PDT launches 802.11ac, Wave 2 WAP for aircraft cabins

The Telefonix PDT team is providing greater network performance for airline customers with the introduction of the CabinACe-2 wireless access point (WAP), the industry´s first 802.11ac Wave 2 WAP for the aircraft cabin environment, the company said.

The CabinACe-2 product provides dynamic Multi-User Multiple Input/Multiple Output (MU-MIMO), significantly boosting network capacity. The company´s new IFEC hardware is the first to meet the industry´s latest adopted standard for electrical characteristics and interfaces, RF performance, size, weight, and power.

Where 802.11ac, Wave 1 offered a drastic jump in network performance over 802.11n with 80 MHz channel bandwidth and support for up to 3 spatial streams, 802.11ac, Wave 2 promises to offer another leap in improvement over Wave 1. Wave 2 technology has the potential to offer double the bandwidth (to 160 MHz), support for 4 spatial streams, and features MU-MIMO, which will support the bandwidth and capacity requirements of emerging applications for years to come.

To prepare for the anticipated adoption of Wave 2 devices, the CabinACe-2 access point engine incorporates intelligent awareness technology for Wave 2, MU-MIMO clients, automatically steering and grouping MU-MIMO devices together. This ClientMatch technology allows the unit to transmit data to multiple Wave 2 – enabled devices simultaneously, improving individual device performance and boosting overall network efficiency.

Waukegan, Illinois-based Telefonix is a design, manufacturing, and management company. In 2013, the Telefonix PDT team was created within the company to focus exclusively on product solutions for the aviation marketplace.

weBoost releases eqo 4G cellular signal booster kit

weBoost, a provider of cell signal boosters, has launched eqo 4G for up to 32X stronger signal in the home, apartment or office, the company said.

The easy-to-install eqo 4G delivers up to 3.3X stronger signal and 1.7X greater coverage than its predecessor, the original eqo Booster.

The eqo 4G brings accelerated 3G and 4G LTE signals into a home or office with up to 70 decibel system gain, meaning the booster brings up to a maximum of 32X the signal strength of the original inside signal.

The eqo 4G plug-and-play system allows users to begin boosting indoor signal coverage after a quick, five-minute installation process. As part of this process, eqo 4G includes an easy-to-use high performance antenna in a small form factor, so it won´t take up much space.

This lets the consumer place the antenna between the window and screen with minimal mounting. The specially designed flat cable also allows for users to fully close and lock their window for an energy efficient seal without degradation in performance.

The powerful outside antenna receives 4G LTE and 3G voice and data signals and delivers them to the booster. The booster amplifies it and serves as a relay between the phone and the nearest cell tower. The device then receives a stronger signal, and calls and data are fed through the booster back to the network.

Wilson Electronics, LLC, home of WilsonPro, weBoost, and zBoost, provides wireless communications infrastructure, dedicated to delivering access to communications for everyone, everywhere. The company has designed and manufactured cell phone signal boosters, antennas and related components for more than 20 years.

BeAM Machines' industrial 3D printer arrives at solutions center near CVG

BeAM Machines SAS subsidiary, BeAM Machines, Inc., has announced that its Magic 2.0 machine has arrived at the company´s recently-opened US solutions center facility located in Cincinnati, Ohio, about 30 minutes north of the Greater Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky International Airport, the company said.

Now equipped with a Magic 2.0, the facility will offer greater capabilities to its nearby customers. This machine is a large scale 5-axis technology designed for serial production or repair of high value components.

The Magic 2.0 is often used by aerospace MRO sites to repair gas turbine engine shaft seals, stator vanes, LPT Blades, as well as other high value components that are historically unrepairable. Other applications for the Magic 2.0 are creating near net shapes versus machining from large expensive forgings, reducing the amount of wasted material as well as the environmental impact by using less energy to manufacture the components.

The Solutions Center will be fully staffed with service technicians, applications and manufacturing engineers, material scientists, machinists and technicians in addition to the business development team and support staff. The 20,000 square foot facility also includes a training center, post processing machine shop, metallurgical laboratory, and a final assembly area for the machines.

BeAM Machines, Inc., provides additive manufacturing solutions to the world´s industry leaders and is proud to be involved in programs that are advancing our world like never before.

BeAM Machines SAS is a French industrial 3D printer manufacturer and specialist in providing directed energy deposition (DED) solutions.

ZTE launches Prestige 2 smartphone

ZTE USA, the fourth largest smartphone supplier in the US and second largest in the no-contract market, has released its Prestige 2 online and in select Best Buy stores, the company said.

The Prestige 2 is available for both Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile USA and is the perfect device for those looking for the must-have features in a quality phone that won´t break the bank.

The Prestige 2 has a 5-inch FWVGA display, a 2035 mAh removable battery, a 5-megapixel front and rear camera, 2GB RAM, and 16GB ROM that is expandable up to 32GB.

ZTE USA, headquartered in Richardson, Texas, is a subsidiary of ZTE Corporation, a global provider of mobile devices, telecommunication systems, and enterprise solutions. Operating since 1998, ZTE USA is dedicated to making cost-efficient, quality communication technology accessible to all.

New messaging solution helps avoid spamming

iconectiv, an authoritative partner of the global communications industry connecting more than twobn people every day, has announced iconectiv Right Party Verification for Messaging, a new service for mobile marketers, messaging aggregators and contact centers to deliver targeted communications, less unwanted spam and happier customers, the company said.

The service was developed in response to evolving Federal Communication Commission (FCC) rules under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) that now dictate companies must have permission not just to send marketing messages to a mobile number but also to have explicit consent to contact the owner of that number.

Failure to comply can lead to large fines for offending companies. With some 45m U.S mobile numbers typically reassigned every year, just one communication to a number with a new owner could trigger a fine that is currently set at a minimum USD 500 per unsolicited contact — increasing to USD 1,500 per contact for offenses deemed to be deliberate.

Recent TCPA enforcement has seen many established and well-known brands endure record-setting legal penalties and multi-million dollar class-action lawsuits.

A US-based company, Telcordia Technologies, doing business as iconectiv, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ericsson.