Airlines' hiring push could impact number of pilots serving in military

A Rand Corp. study has found the US Air Force could lose more pilots in coming years amid a hiring surge and salary increases by the nation´s largest airlines, the company said.

The company said military pilots are a likely target as American, Delta and United all boost pilot hiring during the next 20 years to replace their aging workforces, the California-based military issues think tank said in a study.

An Air Force spokesperson said pilot retention in the Air Force has declined for three consecutive years and resulted in a shortage of qualified pilots, which is most acute for fighter aircraft. As a result, the Air Force is putting into practice recommendations that include making deployments more efficient, adding administrative support in flying squadrons, adding maintenance staff to improve aircraft and increasing assignment flexibility. The Air Force has also asked Congress to increase all aviation retention pay.

Rand Corp. released findings from its study “Retaining Air Force Pilots When the Civilian Demand for Pilots is Growing.”

Sabre's to release new mobile platform for business travelers

Sabre Corporation (NASDAQ: SABR) has developed a new open mobile platform for corporate travel that powers itinerary management, policy compliant booking and payment and expense management on a traveler´s mobile device, the company said.

The company is integrating GetThere booking capabilities, TripCase itinerary management and Sabre´s Virtual Payments to simplify the travel management process.

Sabre´s product platform provides the ability to integrate with any expense provider, giving the long-term flexibility of an open environment.

Sabre Corporation is a technology provider to the global travel industry, providing software, data, mobile and distribution solutions to airlines and hotel properties to manage critical operations.

DJI, AirMap deliver RT wildfire awareness, geofencing capabilities for drones

DJI and AirMap have added real-time wildfire alerts to their geofencing data to help keep unauthorized drones from interfering with firefighting operations, the companies said.

AirMap obtains wildfire information directly from the US Department of the Interior´s incident command system and immediately pushes it to drone pilots through AirMap´s iOS and web apps, AirMap´s API, and the GEO geofencing system included in the DJI GO flight control app. This data is more current and includes more active wildfires than temporary flight restrictions (TFRs) published by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

DJI said unauthorized drones near wildfires can pose a hazard to firefighting airplanes and helicopters, and in some cases they have forced aerial firefighting operations to be suspended. AirMap´s wildfire alerts are designed to help drone operators understand the hazards and restrictions near them when deciding whether it is safe to fly.

The Department of the Interior records 300 new wildfires each day during summer fire season, rising above 500 new fires on the busiest days. The vast majority of wildfires start and spread faster than the time it takes to communicate and post the hazard as a TFR.

AirMap is a provider of airspace intelligence and navigation services to unmanned aircraft.

DJI develops and manufactures drone and camera technology for commercial and recreational use.

CenturyLink contributes USD1.6 million to online food drive

CenturyLink, Inc. (NYSE: CTL) employees and local communities have raised approximately USD665,000 in the 2016 CenturyLink Backpack Buddies Food Drive, supporting 144 food banks, the company said.

CenturyLink Clarke M. Williams Foundation contributed an additional USD1.0 million to local food bank beneficiaries based on the amount of donations they received through the online donation site. Food banks that offer backpack programs were asked to direct 50 percent of their gifts from the CenturyLink Clarke M. Williams Foundation to those programs.

The Backpack Buddies Food Drive will help provide almost 10 million meals throughout its communities. The company started its annual Backpack Buddies Food Drive in 2009 to generate donations for local food banks and help raise awareness of the need for backpack programs.

CenturyLink is a communications, hosting, cloud and IT services company offering network and data systems management, Big Data analytics and IT consulting, and operates more than 55 data centers in North America, Europe and Asia.

China Eastern commits to aircraft deal with Panasonic Avionics

China Eastern Airlines has increased its commitment to Panasonic Avionics (Panasonic) for global broadband connectivity services to 84 total aircraft, the company said.

The Chinese air carrier, which, in partnership with China Telecom Satellite is an early provider of broadband Wi-Fi connectivity on flights over Chinese airspace, and this agreement strengthens its long-term relationship with Panasonic.

The extended agreement, following the announcement of 20 Boeing 777-300ERs last November, includes 35 line-fit aircraft with an extensive retrofit program covering an additional 49 aircraft.

Panasonic´s Global Communications Services are available across China and on over 99.6 per cent of all air traffic routes, offering broadband inflight connectivity service that allows China Eastern passengers to access the Internet, use email and log onto social media sites while on board.

Episerver report finds 1 in 7 financial services institutions don't offer mobile app

Episerver analysis has released findings from “In Future of Finance: The Mobile Money Report” that revealed financial services providers fail to meet consumer needs on mobile devices, the company said.

The report said 15 percent of financial institutions do not have a mobile application of any kind, suggesting that retail banks and insurers are failing to meet consumer expectations for the mobile experience.

Episerver analyzed the mobile capabilities of 20 US financial services companies, from mobile applications to mobile sites on both Apple and Android-powered devices. The study found 68 percent of financial providers provided Android tablet apps, and just 62 percent provided iPad apps. Several of these were stretched versions of the smartphone apps.

The same study found that only two in five financial services providers have implemented responsive design, indicating mobile site design is not a priority for 60 percent of financial retailers.

Episerver found that 63 percent of consumers will abandon a mobile site for a competitor if it proves difficult to access, confirming that usability is a necessary component to a quality mobile experience across industries.

Episerver is a provider of a single platform to manage digital commerce, content management and digital marketing in the cloud.

US Air Force selects Boeing for KC-46 Pegasus maintenance training

Boeing [NYSE: BA] has received a USD78 million, seven-year contract to help the US Air Force train its KC-46 Pegasus maintenance personnel, the company said.

Under the agreement, Boeing will install maintenance training systems at two Air Force bases. The first of the two training systems, at McConnell Air Force Base, Wichita, Kan., will be operational in the second quarter of 2018. The second will be established by 2021 at a location to be determined.

Boeing´s system combines an interactive, multi-media classroom environment, virtual touch-screen trainers and simulator-like maintenance trainers, all of which are networked.

Boeing is a USD30 million aerospace technology and capabilities provider with 50,000 employees worldwide.

exands launches China's hotspot 2.0 service

Chinese Wi-Fi service provider exands has launched a Wi-Fi hotspot 2.0 service in China, initially available to 1,000 white hat hackers, the company said.

The company said Chinese consumers see Wi-Fi as an essential service in places such as cafes, restaurants and shopping malls, and many Wi-Fi providers offer services to those businesses for free, which usually comes with an advertisement on the Wi-Fi landing page.

Advertising revenue generated from the Wi-Fi portal does not cover installation and maintenance costs and as a result, free Wi-Fi providers use low cost equipment with no security guarantee.

White hat hackers, individual hackers who detect and report security loopholes and help prevent cyber attacks, reported over 600 security issues and loopholes associated with Wi-Fi service providers, some of which could lead to potential leakage of personal information.

exands paid Wi-Fi service has been adopted by 239 international brands, to allow consumers to enjoy a safe Wi-Fi surfing environment in their offline stores. exands is a business-to-business wireless service provider that aims to enable interactions and engagement between brands and their consumers.

Smartloq delivers education app to improve math skills

Smartloq by Quizode has released its new Math for Android app to improve math skills by delivering math practice throughout the day, the company said.

Math for Android is one of a series of educational apps designed to keep users practicing, improving and building educational skills.

Smartloq Math functions like a security lock for apps, but rather than entering a PIN, it requires users to answer a math question before launching the app it is applied to. By using this approach, Smartloq delivers practice questions via normal daily usage of a smartphone rather than requiring dedicated time.

Quizode Inc. is a mobile app development company focused on educational tools.

Ryerson Hyperloop team sponsors digital engineering system with CADENAS PARTsolutions

Ryerson University international Hyperloop team has sponsored a digital engineering solution with the Aerospace Industries Association and CADENAS PARTsolutions, the company said.

The Ryerson Team is utilizing native CATIA 3D CAD models of the AIA National Aerospace Standards (NAS), built by digital parts management firm CADENAS PARTsolutions. Using these certified components in the design process, the team was able to reduce their engineering time and focus on the core design of their deployable wheel system.

The Hyperloop is a theoretical system of tubes recently proposed by Elon Musk, who is also known for his involvement with Tesla Motors and Space X. The tubes will be sealed and air extracted to create vacuum. The pods, which will be propelled and suspended by either MAGLEV (magnetic levitation) or by air bearing levitation, enabling travel at more than 700 miles per hour, due to the lack of atmosphere and air resistance. Early analysis has suggested that a trip from Los Angeles to San Francisco could be completed in 35 minutes, as opposed to six hours by car.

CADENAS PARTsolutions is a provider of next generation 3D part catalog management and sales configuration solutions.