Republic Airways Holdings, United Airlines agree on long-term commercial relationship

Republic Airways Holdings Inc. (OTC: RJETQ) has reached an agreement with United Airlines that secures the long-term relationship between the two airlines, the company said.

The motion was filed in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York keeps Republic on a path towards reorganization and emergence from bankruptcy by the end of year.

The parties anticipate that the motion will be heard on June 15, 2016.

The amended agreement would provide for the uninterrupted flying of all 54 E170s and E175s currently operated by Republic for United and also for future Ejet flying by Republic for United through term extensions to all current E170 aircraft and, subject to certain conditions, expected further deliveries of E175 aircraft under revised new delivery schedules. The new agreement will become effective upon issuance of the approval order by the court.

Zirinsky Law Partners PLLC and Hughes Hubbard & Reed LLP are serving as Republic´s legal advisors in the restructuring. Seabury Securities LLC is serving as Republic´s financial advisor. Sidley Austin LLP is serving as United´s legal advisor.

Republic Airways Holdings, based in Indianapolis, is an airline holding company that owns Republic Airline and Shuttle America Corporation. The airlines offer 1,000 flights daily to 105 cities in 38 states, Canada, the Caribbean and the Bahamas through Republic´s fixed-fee codeshare agreements under our major airline partner brands of American Eagle, Delta Connection and United Express. The airlines currently employ about 5,800 aviation professionals.

Air Partner JetCard membership identified as 'best priced'

Independent aviation consultant Conklin & de Decker´s US Jet Memberships Compared report has found that the Air Partner JetCard continues to surpass all major US competitors in terms of both cost and flexibility, the company said.

Commissioned by Air Partner, the comprehensive report concludes Air Partner is the best priced in all categories and appears to remain the most flexible of the US jet membership programs.

The report, which includes Sentient Jet, Marquis Jet, Wheels Up, and Delta Private Jets, uses the cost of a 25-hour jet membership and “effective hourly rates” based on round-trip discounts to compare pricing, but also highlights important flexibility aspects such as global service, fully refundable, non-expiring hours, and the ability to interchange aircraft categories.

Conklin & de Decker is a trusted, independent analyst with over 30 years of experience in aviation information. The company offers cost and performance data comparison across a wide range of aircraft and helps consumers better understand the costs of aircraft acquisition, maintenance and management.

Founded in 1961, Air Partner is a global aviation services group that provides worldwide solutions to industry, commerce, governments and private individuals. The Group is structured into four reporting divisions: Commercial Jets, Private Jets, Freight and Baines Simmons. It is headquartered alongside Gatwick airport in the UK, with 20 offices globally.

Delta Connection breaks record for no-cancel streak

In a month of almost constant Delta mainline operational performance records, the six regional carriers of Delta Connection added their own record: nearly eight days without a cancellation, their best-ever completion factor streak, the company said.

The milestone beat out their previous record by almost three days.

For more than 17,000 operations, Compass Airlines, Endeavor Air, ExpressJet Airlines, GoJet Airlines, Shuttle America and SkyWest Airlines flew as scheduled, not canceling for any reason, including maintenance, weather, air traffic control or other circumstances both in and out of the carriers´ control.

The streak ended only after a flight from D.C.´s Reagan National to New York´s LaGuardia was canceled due to inclement weather.

The solid performance was matched by a Delta mainline completion factor streak–currently in its 16th day–bringing the combined mainline and Delta Connection cancel-free operation to 26 so-called Brand Perfect Days, already more than doubling last year´s total of 11.

It´s a record for Delta Connection and for the entire regional airline industry which has as of late been improving operationally–following closely behind Delta´s own mainline record-setting on-time and completion factor performance.

In February, Delta Connection set a record of three days without a cancellation, flying more than 7,250 flights during a roughly 88-hour period. Cancellations across the board are down year-over-year with 2016 performance well-surpassing last year´s.

Delta Air Lines serves nearly 180 million customers each year. Delta and the Delta Connection carriers offer service to 330 destinations in 61 countries on six continents. Headquartered in Atlanta, Delta employs nearly 80,000 employees worldwide and operates a mainline fleet of more than 800 aircraft.

Lenny, FICO to provide free FICO scores to millennials

Millennial credit line app Lenny has partnered with FICO (NYSE: FICO) to provide students and post-grads with their FICO® Score, the standard measure of consumer credit risk, the company said.

Through its app, Lenny users can now access their FICO® Scores at no cost, learning where they stand financially and how they can build credit history accordingly.

Lenny users can press a button in the app to view their FICO® Score as well as a historical graph representing how their score has changed over time. FICO® Scores range from 300 to 850, with higher scores representing lower credit risk and eligibility for preferable credit terms.

Lenny offers credit lines from as little as USD100 to USD10,000 with zero percent interest when balances are repaid in full and on time. Lenny uses a credit-deciphering algorithm to determine risk. Once a credit line has been approved, users can cash out to their bank account or instantly pay their friends using the peer-to-peer payment function.

FICO powers decisions that help people and businesses around the world prosper. Founded in 1956 and based in Silicon Valley, the company is a pioneer in the use of predictive analytics and data science to improve operational decisions.

GenBand employees during annual Global Day of Service

Communications solutions provider GenBand has kicked off its sixth annual Global Day of Service with more than 75 volunteer activities scheduled in more than 25 countries, the company said.

Each year on 1 June, GenBand´s global employee base participates in volunteer activities benefiting non-profit agencies and charitable organizations all around the world. Since the inception of the Global Day of Service or “GenBand Day” in 2010, GenBand employees have dedicated more than 50,000 hours to community service.

GenBand employees in Galway, Ireland will be working with Jigsaw Galway, a non-profit that supports local youth with mental health issues.

GenBand provides real-time communications software solutions for service providers, enterprises, independent software vendors, systems integrators and developers in over 80 countries.

EL AL Q1 2016 passenger segments up 10%

El Al Israel Airlines Ltd. (TASE: ELAL) reported the number of passenger segments in the first quarter of 2016 increased by 10 percent compared to last year, seat availability increased by six percent, operations in terms of RPK increased by seven percent, aircraft Load Factor stood at 80 percent, and EL AL´s market share at Ben Gurion Airport increased to 36 percent, the company said.

Revenues from operations amounted in the first quarter to USD397 million, compared to USD420 million in the in the previous year´s first quarter. The company´s revenues declined as a result of the timing of Passover and a decrease in flight ticket prices due to the competition and the drop in oil prices.

The company recorded a loss before tax of USD33 million, compared to a loss of USD22 million in the in the previous year´s first quarter.

Net loss in the first quarter of 2016 amounted to USD21.4 million, compared to USD16 million in the first quarter of 2015.

El Al Israel Airlines is the National Air Carrier of Israel. In 2015, El Al recorded revenues amounting to nearly USD2.1 billion. El Al carries about five million passengers a year. The company operates flights to about 34 direct destinations around the world and many other destinations by means of cooperation agreements with other airlines, thus operating 43 aircraft, 28 of which are owned by the company.

GoDaddy Flare app empowers people to refine ideas

GoDaddy Inc. (NYSE: GDDY) has launched Flare, a community-based app that helps bring business ideas to life, the company said.

Flare empowers people to share ideas and get guidance from friends, fellow entrepreneurs, and experts in a fun and collaborative way, providing an immediate resource to receive feedback and drive new concepts or ideas forward.

New business ideas come from everywhere and everyone, but only a fraction of them go beyond the initial stage to become something bigger. In a recent survey conducted by GoDaddy, 67 percent of respondents reported having come up with a concept for a business, product or service, but only 15 percent actually pursued it.

The biggest barriers for not taking action: people didn´t know what to do next (30 percent) and fear/self-doubt (15 percent). Nearly 55 percent said they regret not taking the next step with an idea.

Flare is available immediately in the Apple App Store. It will launch in June on Google Play for Android devices.

GoDaddy gives small business owners the tools to name their idea, build an online presence, attract customers and manage their business.

Baltia Air Lines continues to seek operating capital

Baltia Air Lines, Inc. (OTC PINK: BLTA) continues to talk with various investment groups in order to raise the necessary capital for operating expenses and to secure leases for newer aircraft, the company said.

This will enable Baltia to move forward with the certification process and in obtaining its 14 CFR 121 airline operating certificate.

In addition, an SEC letter to Baltia stated that the SEC does not intend to recommend an enforcement action by the Commission against Baltia.

Baltia Air Lines, a development stage company, intends to provide scheduled air passenger, cargo, and mail transportation services. It focuses on offering its services from the United States to the Russian Federation, as well as to the former Soviet Union countries; and a non-stop service from New York to St. Petersburg. The company was founded in 1989 and is headquartered in Jamaica, New York.

Sotera Wireless spotlights surveillance monitoring for patient safety

Sotera Wireless ViSi Mobile® System contributes to patient safety in hospitals throughout the world, the company said.

The System is a wireless, wearable platform that continuously monitors all patient vital signs and communicates data to clinicians. By alerting clinicians to vital sign fluctuations that signal patient deterioration, the ViSi Mobile System can bolster a hospital´s rapid response system.

The ViSi Mobile System aligns with evidence demonstrating that the highest-specificity indicator for at-risk patients is a combination of heart rate, respiratory rate, systolic blood pressure and change in mental status. The System captures all of these quantitative measurements, along with SpO2, pulse rate, and skin temperature.

Sotera Wireless is a San Diego-based healthcare technology company dedicated to a new generation of comprehensive vital signs monitoring. Sotera´s mission is to improve patient safety by empowering clinicians to detect early signs of deterioration in virtually any care setting and enable early intervention and rapid response, all without limiting the patient´s freedom of movement.

UPS Airline mechanics picket at UPS customer locations

Teamsters Local 2727 technicians and related classifications picketed at customer locations in Kentucky and Indiana protested deep concessionary contract proposals that would significantly increase health care costs, the company said.

The Teamsters are planning more protests and informational pickets at UPS. No dates are scheduled for future bargaining sessions. A conference call is scheduled for June 1, 2016 with Teamsters Local 2727, UPS and the mediator to discuss how the parties will proceed.

Founded in 1903, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters represents 1.4 million hardworking men and women in the United States and Canada.