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piggy bank

Northern Rock reveals savers are losing out on £1 billion in ISA interest

Northern Rock has revealed that UK ISA savers are missing out on around £1 billion of interest each year that they could be earning if they shopped around. Cash ISAs or Individual savings accounts are designed to allow consumers aged […]

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BRITAIN - Wedding Crowds

“Windsor Power” is in action around the world

After Kate and William's wonderfully traditional and glamorous Royal Wedding, "Windsor Power" is in action around the world. Prince William to Catherine Middleton's spectacular Royal event

IDBS Queen's Award 2011

IDBS Wins Queen’s Award for International Trade 2011

The UK's Most Prestigious Business Award Granted to IDBS in Recognition of Outstanding Achievement in Growing Overseas Income IDBS, a global

Car Insurance

Recession Marked by Bump in Uninsured Motorists

Across the United States, chances are roughly one in seven that a driver is uninsured, according to new estimates from the Insurance Research Council (IRC). The estimated percentage

The Royal Wedding

Exactly how much will the Royal Wedding cost us?

As U.K purse strings are at its tightest, the infamous stiff upper lip again is dominating British mind-sets, with grumbles of dissatisfaction and strain lingering within.

Less than £10 spent per child on ICT in many schools

Less than £10 spend per child on ICT in many UK schools

Across in England and Wales 1,804 primary schools spend less than £10 per pupil on ICT (Information and Communication Technology) equipment. Many pupils are therefore going without up-to-date

Increases in houses for sale as price houses are up

Homes unsold due to over optimistic asking prices

Many home owners are over pricing

Car finance on the up - increasing confidence in economy

Car finance figures suggests that confidence in the economy is returning

Data has been released relating to consumer car finance and sales during the last three years which suggests that consumer confidence in the economy is returning.

Money hidden under the mattess

Some £7bn worth of savings secretly stashed in people’s homes

People across the UK are keeping a massive £7bn worth of savings in their own homes rather than investing them in a

Job creation still slow

Confidence is on the up but job creation remains low

The Federation of Small Businesses' (FSB) 'Voice of Small Business' Index for the first quarter of 2011, has shown that small businesses'

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