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UK farmland

Welsh government moves towards fiscal devolution settlement

The Welsh government is to be given greater autonomy over landfill tax, stamp duty land tax and income tax for the first time, HM Treasury, the UK government’s economic and finance ministry, revealed on Monday. As Wales moves towards fiscal […]

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Benefits of accountants for limited company contractors

hmrc blunder

HMRC introduces new regulations to curb tax avoidance on high value residential properties

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) announced today that new regulations have been established to ensure the disclosure of schemes designed and marketed to avoid paying the Annual Tax

Oil rig off Black Isle, Scotland

Scotland’s economy outperforming the rest of the UK

HM Treasury today released the fifth paper in its Scotland analysis series, revealing that as a result of being part of an integrated UK, Scotland is outperforming most other

Her Majesty's Treasury

Expats who revisit the UK are being urged to brush up on strict new rules over their tax residence status

The Statutory Residence Test was announced by the Treasury in the 2011 Budget and will be introduced on the 6th April to clarify the definition of a UK

woman filling in a tax return

Advice for those selecting an accountant to file tax returns

There are many wonderful aspects to working as a contractor. You've got the freedom to work the hours that suit you. You can select projects that you are

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Contractors warned over looming online tax return deadline

As HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) threatens 300,000 late filers with debt-recovery actions that could include the seizure of goods, accountancy experts have issued a warning to contractors

Luxembourg is the home of many multinationals for tax purposes

Multinational companies to feel increased pressure from local tax authorities

Is it inevitable that multinational companies pay pitifully small sums in tax relative to huge profits? Not necessarily because amid growing political and public outrage at how multinationals organise

starbucks cups

Starbucks agrees to pay more UK tax

The UK arm of US coffee chain Starbucks Corporation (Nasdaq:SBUX) announced today that it would pay more tax and

hmrc blunder

HMRC non-executive board members have strong links with big business

All four non-executive board members of HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) have extensive links with big business, leading to wide-ranging calls for HMRC to make its key strategic

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