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Chelsio introduces new worldwide channel partner program

Chelsio Communications, Inc. has introduced a worldwide channel program that provides partners with added resources to take advantage of opportunities in high-growth markets, the company said. Chelsio channel partners can access valuable tools … Continue reading “Chelsio introduces new worldwide channel partner program”

Cadence, TSMC expand collaboration efforts

Cadence Design Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: CDNS) is expanding its collaboration with TSMC on an integrated design flow for TSMC´s advanced wafer-level Integrated Fan-Out (InFO) packaging technology, the company said. The flow integrates IC-level … Continue reading “Cadence, TSMC expand collaboration efforts”

Monolithic Power Systems declares USD0.20 quarterly dividend

Monolithic Power Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: MPWR) has declared a first quarter dividend of USD0.20 per common share. The dividend is available to all stockholders of record as of the close of business on … Continue reading “Monolithic Power Systems declares USD0.20 quarterly dividend”

Vectrus Q4 2015 revenue up 9%

Vectrus, Inc. (NYSE: VEC) fourth quarter 2015 revenue of USD311.2 million was an increase of USD25.4 million or 8.9 percent compared to the fourth quarter of 2014, the company said. The increase was … Continue reading “Vectrus Q4 2015 revenue up 9%”

Restored Digital Solutions buys A1 Printer Repair

Restored Digital Solutions recently acquired A1 Printer Repair, the company said. The company´s brands now also include an eCommerce branch offering parts and supplies from In a move to expand their services … Continue reading “Restored Digital Solutions buys A1 Printer Repair”

inContact expands customer interaction cloud

inContact (NASDAQ: SAAS) has released its first customer interaction cloud for 2016, the company said. These advancements are centered on providing inContact customers the power to achieve their customer experience and performance goals … Continue reading “inContact expands customer interaction cloud”

Lavante, Beroe partnership offers insights in data quality

Lavante, Inc. and Beroe, Inc. have formed a partnership that combines Beroe´s supply chain intelligence and insights with Lavante´s platform for driving supplier engagement and data quality, the companies said. Since 2005, Beroe … Continue reading “Lavante, Beroe partnership offers insights in data quality”

Bedrock Data, Trujay Group enable the seamless business system connections

Bedrock Data has partnered with Trujay Group to enable mid-market and enterprise customers to achieve more cost-effective, enterprise-grade integrations between vital business systems and applications, as well as managed services options for the … Continue reading “Bedrock Data, Trujay Group enable the seamless business system connections”

WorldFlix secures USD7.5m equity purchase agreement

WorldFlix, Inc., (OTC: WRFX) has signed a deal with Blackbridge Capital, LLC. to receive USD7.5 million to bolster the release of App Farm´s triple encryption Internet safety protection application, Swantry, and further the … Continue reading “WorldFlix secures USD7.5m equity purchase agreement”

Optimus Outcome buys Autism Acumen

Optimus Outcome has acquired Autism Acumen, the company said. “The acquisition of Acumen will accelerate our developments to optimize therapy outcomes for children with autism while improving care management for families,” said Jonathan … Continue reading “Optimus Outcome buys Autism Acumen”

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