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New Viderium Facility Launched in Latvia

Viderium has announced the launch of a new data facility to be launched by the company in Latvia in 2018, expanding business operations for the IT company. The new facility will expand on … Continue reading “New Viderium Facility Launched in Latvia”

Julien Fournié Inspires New DasCoin Blockchain for Fashion

Haute couture designer Julien Fournié was recently asked to provide inspiration for an innovative blockchain solution for the global fashion industry by DasCoin, a leading cryptocurrency. The technology was unveiled at an exclusive … Continue reading “Julien Fournié Inspires New DasCoin Blockchain for Fashion”

Entrepreneurs Can’t Work Forever: How to Plan for Your Retirement

Entrepreneurs deserve long retirements as much as the salaried men and women who work for them. Unfortunately, planning for retirement when others’ livelihoods ride on your decisions isn’t so easy. Use this sequential … Continue reading “Entrepreneurs Can’t Work Forever: How to Plan for Your Retirement”

The Life of a Freelancer – Then to Now

This is the story of a freelancer and just what he does is not particularly relevant. Where does he live? This might be slightly related – somewhere in Asia. What he has accomplished … Continue reading “The Life of a Freelancer – Then to Now”

National Funding Scheme – Corporate fundraising

Corporate Fundraising Dixons Carphone utilised DONATE™ to raise £1,856 for The Mix, a mental health charity supported by the company. Dixons Carphone had previously supported The Mix using paper and cash methods but … Continue reading “National Funding Scheme – Corporate fundraising”

Can a charity become insolvent?

A charity is a business and they can become insolvent, similar to any other industry. For instance, Kids Company ceased operations in 2015 as a winding up petition was submitted. Depending on the … Continue reading “Can a charity become insolvent?”

Victorinox Announces New Urban Outdoor Campaign

Victorinox is the world’s most popular swiss army knife brand. Founded more than 130 years ago in Switzerland, the company has been a staple of quality when it comes to multifunctional knives. Recently, … Continue reading “Victorinox Announces New Urban Outdoor Campaign”

The True Financial Cost of Freelancing Without a Working Mobile

In 2018, freelancing is — to put it lightly — a big business. Freelancers are worth an estimated £119 billion to the UK economy, with approximately 42% of self-employed UK professionals identifying as … Continue reading “The True Financial Cost of Freelancing Without a Working Mobile”

Exchange Traded Funds

An Exchange traded fund trades like a stock where the net asset value is not calculated at the end of each trading day like in cases of mutual funds.  ETF shares are traded … Continue reading “Exchange Traded Funds”

Home improvement market sees rise despite property uncertainty

The UK home improvement market is still on the rise despite large retailers like troubled Homebase calling in consulting group. As is often the case with uncertainty in the property market consumers are … Continue reading “Home improvement market sees rise despite property uncertainty”

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