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Debt Management

Loan or Balance Transfer? What’s Best for Saving Money When Consolidating Debt?

Debt consolidation is the concern of many people in the world. Consumers are trying the best they can put their bills together so that they can survive in this world full of economic troubles. Loans and balance transfers are two […]

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George Osborne

How Will George Osbourne’s “Northern Powerhouse” Affect the Building Industry?

The building industry is one of the most important in all of the UK. There are few other industries that affect other areas of the UK economy but

Attractive Credit Card Deals Could Tempt Consumers Away from Loans

Debunking Debt Consolidation Myths

Debt consolidation involves getting all your debts together and working out how to pay them off as economically as possible. If you have debts left, right and centre

investment shares

Alternative Investing – The Knowledge Gap

An Opportunity to Educate on Alternative Investments The Center for Financial Insight recently reported on a JNLI survey into investors and their views on alternative investing that made


Just Ask Wales

Brought to you in association with Just Ask Wales What do businesses stand to gain from moving to Wales? The prosaic answer is time, money and freedom, but there’s

Telecoms Merger

Optimism grows for a buoyant 2015 M&A market

International law firm Allen and Overy published its M&A Index on Friday, which indicates


Inflation smashing returns: A simple guide to peer-to-peer lending

Thousands of people, just like you, lend their money using an online peer-to-peer lending platform to other people, just like you. Lenders receive inflation smashing returns, much higher

economic growth

Has the Attraction of Investing in Emerging Markets Worn Off?

Investors generally search for opportunities that can bring them the greatest return on investment with a minimized level of risk. The fact is that each investor has unique


How Teddy Sagi is taking on the UK

Teddy Sagi is on a bit of a spending spree. Earlier this year, the Playtech billionaire paid a massive

New York

New York City Regains Title as International Property Investment Capital

According to OPP Connect New York has found its groove again, and once again claimed the crown as “real estate capital of the world.”

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