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70% of Britons Have Debt Problems, Say Co-Op

Statistics have shown that 70% of Britons have experienced a debt or financial problem. This was shown by research conducted by the Co-Operative Bank. If you have ever found yourself in a financial mess, … Continue reading “70% of Britons Have Debt Problems, Say Co-Op”

Online dating scams cheat Brits out of £37bn

Love-sick Brits hunting for romance online are being cheated out of around £37 billion through sating sites, research has revealed. Fraudsters are targeting emotionally vulnerable Britons looking for love, by grooming them in … Continue reading “Online dating scams cheat Brits out of £37bn”

Petrol sales soar 85 per cent as motorists panic buy

Yesterday saw petrol up 85 per cent and diesel up 43 per cent as drivers rushed out to the pumps after a minister recommended stockpiling petrol at home. The Petrol Retailers Association reported … Continue reading “Petrol sales soar 85 per cent as motorists panic buy”

Payday Loans Usage Quadruples

The use of payday loans has quadrupled in the past four (4) years and are continuing to be a new source of borrowing for consumers. There has been many changes over the past … Continue reading “Payday Loans Usage Quadruples”

Bankrupt chart toppers UB40 sell off hits

BANKRUPT chart toppers UB40 have been forced to sell off their hits to pay their debts, it has been revealed. The reggae superstars have quietly sold the rights to their back catalogue recordings … Continue reading “Bankrupt chart toppers UB40 sell off hits”

Derelict toilet block sells for £50,000

A SHABBY disused public toilet block has been sold at auction for a staggering £50,000. The successful mystery bidder was left feeling flush after bagging the small derelict lavatory based in a run … Continue reading “Derelict toilet block sells for £50,000”

Benefit claimants offered cheap stamps

Royal Mail came under fire yesterday after they made the announcement to offer more than five million benefit claimants the chance to buy stamps at discounted prices. The company have delivered letters across … Continue reading “Benefit claimants offered cheap stamps”

The decline of the family saloon

How ‘Fiesta Dad’ and ‘MPV Mum’ have changed Britain’s driveways since the 1980s. The demise of the family saloon, once the bastion of Britain’s family cars, has been driven by the rise of … Continue reading “The decline of the family saloon”

Parents Spend Almost £2,000 Before A Baby Is Even Born

Purchasing a new cot, pram and car set for an expectant new-born can be pricey but the actual costs of preparing for a new baby have been revealed in a recent study. According … Continue reading “Parents Spend Almost £2,000 Before A Baby Is Even Born”

British railways branded the worst in Europe

A study has revealed that Britain’s railways are the worst in Europe when it comes to affordability, efficiency and speed. The union-commissioned report by think-tank Just Economics has revealed that the network trails … Continue reading “British railways branded the worst in Europe”

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