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How Will Brexit Impact Small Businesses?

The business world is changing, with new policies being made on a regular basis and new economies emerging. For the UK, the major game changer businesses are concerned about is the ongoing Brexit … Continue reading “How Will Brexit Impact Small Businesses?”

Why Credit Reports are so Important in Business

It doesn’t matter whether you are applying for finance with a lender; credit with another business or simply just trying to get a good deal on your business mobile contract, your credit score … Continue reading “Why Credit Reports are so Important in Business”

The Three Pillars Of An Investment Manager Relationship

Hilton Capital Management CEO and President, Craig O’Neill put it best when he said, “We balance entrepreneurship with conservatism.”   When asked by both shareholders and investors from all sectors who wonder how … Continue reading “The Three Pillars Of An Investment Manager Relationship”

Eni Stocks – Why Successful Traders Invest in Them

ENI is a well-known super major international oil and gas company, based in Rome, Italy. The company was founded in 1963 and is heavily supported by the Italian government who are one of … Continue reading “Eni Stocks – Why Successful Traders Invest in Them”

4 Key Benefits of Leasing Fleet Vehicles for Your Business

Is your business in need of new cars for your fleet? This is the time to compare buying those vehicles against leasing them because the cost is always a key factor. It is … Continue reading “4 Key Benefits of Leasing Fleet Vehicles for Your Business”

VAT-Exempt Products You Should Know About?

VMost products sold in the United Kingdom require the producer to charge a value-added-tax, or VAT rate at the time of the sale, also known in other countries as a goods and services … Continue reading “VAT-Exempt Products You Should Know About?”

JD Wetherspoon Plc warns of low pretax profits

British pub chain JD Wetherspoon Plc has warned of low pretax profits in the first half of its fiscal year, according to Reuters. The chain has been fighting against higher costs as a … Continue reading “JD Wetherspoon Plc warns of low pretax profits”

Predicting 2018 Fintech Trends

CB Insights offers industry-leading software for the prediction, discussion and communication of emerging trends in the technology sector. A report was produced by CB Insights exploring technology trends to watch in 2018, preceded … Continue reading “Predicting 2018 Fintech Trends”

Is Trading Forex Really Worth It?

Have you already come across the Forex market? An enormous number of articles have been published in the network, revealing the topic of earnings in this market or talking about “global deception”, as … Continue reading “Is Trading Forex Really Worth It?”

How to become a successful businessperson

If you are hoping to move into the higher levels of senior management at a company or are starting your own business, then you need to have the necessary skills to succeed. Those … Continue reading “How to become a successful businessperson”

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