Why politicians around the world are getting on the radical love train

Populism of the most hateful sort has had a baleful presence in the headlines for the past two years, but now a very different political perspective is challenging it, without animus. It’s called “radical love” and had its first electoral win on June 23, when Ekrem Imamoglu was elected mayor of Istanbul, Turkey’s largest city.

However, much before then, on the other side of the world, US Senator Cory Booker was speaking of “radical love”. Mr Booker, who represents the state of New Jersey, is one of the crowded field of Democratic Party candidates seeking to replace Donald Trump in the White House. He has chosen to do it by talking of a new way of politics. And in the days since Mr Imamoglu’s stupendous victory in Turkey’s financial capital, a UK-based political platform called The Alternative has been talking up the idea. It has expressed admiration for “the emotional, poetic language that’s being used in the radical love strategy” in Turkey and suggests it could have powerful appeal in a country polarised by Brexit.

So, what is radical love and can it really remake politics? In itself, it is an attractive concept. In Istanbul, radical love radiated a message of optimism and undiscriminating regard for everyone — including voters with a propensity to support Turkey’s long-time president Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Mr Imamoglu’s campaign steadfastly eschewed criticism of Mr Erdogan’s authoritarian tendencies, his divisiveness, fear-mongering and repeated onslaughts on Turkey’s institutions and on the checks and balances of Turkish democracy.

Instead, Mr Imamoglu took an upbeat approach and the Republican People’s Party steered a determinedly high-minded path. It was described by the party’s national campaign manager Ates Ilyas Bassoy as follows: “We had two simple rules: ignore Erdogan and love those who love Erdogan. The whole strategy depended on this.” In fact, that was the core message of Mr Bassoy’s Radical Love Book, which was distributed to party activists some months ago and stressed the need to let go of “the language of rage” and speak the “language of love”.

In the US, Mr Booker’s campaign of radical love has been similarly focused on what he calls the “revival of civic grace, having a more courageous empathy” and recognition that America is a country of “common interests and common pain”.

In the UK, The Alternative says it wants to bring about “a friendly revolution” in response to the “broader forces and trends, which are (intentionally) coarsening citizens’ responses to each other”. The Alternative says it is inspired by and associated with Denmark’s green political party Alternativet, founded six years ago as a “generous, action-oriented” organisation.

Clearly, radical love is beyond reproach as a philosophy of life. But can it really be a powerful political force? Isn’t it so anodyne as to be no more than a distillation of well-worn lectures on civics and brotherly love? After all, Mr Imamoglu’s emphatic win could be ascribed just as easily to factors other than radical love. Turkey is suffering the effects of rampant inflation, flagging growth and currency collapse, and there is a marked dissatisfaction with the president. There were also a number of missteps by Mr Erdogan’s governing Justice and Development Party in its approach to the local elections in March and the June re-run of the Istanbul mayoral ballot.

Sceptics could also point to radical love’s apparent failure in India, where the general election ended a few weeks ago with a second-term win for the Hindu nationalist prime minister Narendra Modi. Ahead of the polls, opposition leader Rahul Gandhi made a point of hugging his rival and speaking of his “love” for him. If that was radical love, it didn’t work for Mr Gandhi. So, does India tell us anything about its limitations as a political strategy?

Not really. If anything, Mr Gandhi’s election defeat may show that radical love can only succeed if it is sincere and wholehearted. Unlike Mr Imamoglu and the Turkish opposition, Mr Gandhi, his Congress party and political allies railed at Mr Modi and spoke in polarising terms about the Bharatiya Janata Party. Nor did they offer a compelling alternative political vision.

In the US, just as in Turkey, Mr Booker has been stressing the need for “fierce, ferocious love”. Rather than talk in a way that “slices and divides” the US, he has been listening to Trump supporters. In one of his anecdotes he talked to “a guy with a Make America Great Again shirt in a diner in Iowa… and spoke to his pain.” Mr Booker’s presidential campaign is yet to catch fire. But already there are signs his radical love message is having some impact, at least within the political class. David Applefield, a Democrat running for Congress from a district in Mr Booker’s state, says he reminds himself daily of Martin Luther King’s words: “I have also decided to stick with love, for I know that love is ultimately the only answer to humankind’s problems.”

Win or not, radical love introduces into politics something that Berkeley sociology professor Arlie Hochschild calls “emotion work”. Ms Hochschild, who wrote a bestselling study of the American right, says radical love is “about mastering a temporary suspension of self — not a suspension of moral commitment, but of self…”

In many parts of the world, it may be the only way to transcend the politics of hate, divisiveness and fear.

Originally published at https://www.thenational.ae on July 2, 2019.

Rashmee Roshan Lall

Advice for Protecting Your Business Assets During a Divorce

The financial impact of a divorce can be difficult for anyone to deal with, but for those with business assets to maintain, it can be an especially concerning time. In this post, we’ll list a few effective tips for protecting your assets during a divorce.

A divorce is one of the most challenging things a person can go through. Not only is there the emotional hardship of a breakup to deal with, but the financial aspects of a divorce can also have a huge impact on the rest of your life. For business owners, this poses a very serious threat to the future of the company — especially in high-net-worth divorce cases, where a vast range of assets and large sums of money are divided between spouses.

Seek the Advice of Reputable and Experienced Divorce Lawyers

The first step of a divorce, or any legal matter, should be to seek the advice and guidance of a reputable and experienced family lawyer. For divorces involving business assets, even if the parties aren’t high-net-worth individuals, you’ll find that a high-net-worth solicitor often possesses not only the necessary skills and knowledge to handle your case but also the vital experience with legal matters involving substantial amounts of money and the division of business assets.

As someone who owns or runs a company, you’ll know how crucial it is to find the best person for an important task. It’s essential to maintain the same mindset when the time comes to choose a divorce solicitor. Shopping around for reliable and experienced high-net-worth divorce lawyers gives you have the best chance of protecting your business assets during a divorce and provides you with a more in-depth understanding of the divorce process in general.

Pre-Divorce Mistakes to Avoid

The following actions often seem sensible or tactile at the time, but they can cause problems in the long run:

  • Reaching an agreement before you get legal guidance: At this stage, you won’t know the full extent of your spouse’s assets or how they will be divided. Therefore, making agreements about the division of assets can create hostility and mistrust, as you may discover that said agreements were ill-judged.
  • Acquiring information or documents that aren’t yours: Actions such as opening your spouse’s bank statements or logging into their online banking or email accounts are not permitted by the courts. Any evidence obtained in this manner is not generally admissible.
  • Transferring assets: While it may be tempting to transfer assets to a third party or move them into trusts or offshore accounts, the courts will take the view that it was done as an act of deceit.
  • Move out of the marital home: Although this can be difficult for divorcing couples, it’s a good idea to remain in the marital home with your spouse and children. If you move out, your spouse could argue that they are the children’s primary caregiver and, therefore, have a greater need for housing. It’s also worth noting that this could leave them in a more favourable financial position. For business owners, this can be a serious issue, as it means you’ll have the hassle of finding new living arrangements and a financial adjustment to contend with — both of which can seriously impact your ability to run a company efficiently.

Does My Spouse Have a Stake in My Business?

When it comes to the division of assets, the court will do its utmost to ensure that the starting point is equality. As a business owner or shareholder, you may be able to deploy arguments to dispute the presumed equal division. In this instance, you have a better chance of success if you established the company before meeting or marrying your spouse.

Your first step should be to work out the value of your business assets. This can be initially handled by your business’s accountant, but if you and your spouse fail to agree on the value, you might need an independent forensic accountant’s report to settle the dispute. Once a value has been established, you will then have to agree on the percentage that your spouse is entitled to.

This may well be 50% but, depending on the arguments or nature of the case, it could differ. In these situations, the courts will consider liquidity and try to ascertain if anything can be sold from a company to satisfy the entitlement of the other party. In most cases, this comes in the form of funds or property.

The benefits of power card

A power card can be used for just about anything. However, none of this would be possible if we didn’t deliver top-notch service to our prospective customers. Below are the top 10 reasons, why borrowers choose us rather than applying directly to the traditional lenders for electronic payment.

See the  list below of the most prevalent causes get a power card from us:

  1. Low-Interest Rates:

Generally, all the payday lenders have hidden fees and no set-up or admin fees. Now the internet has made it easy for a prospective applicant to compare rates by completing a quick Google search. Because of the unique way that Swift Money operates, we try our best to provide you with the lowest possible rate.

  1. Easy approval:

We have an excellent approval rate for our applicants. Just within a minute, we can tell you if you have been approved. Once you got approved, simply enter your bank account and debit card details to enable us to deposit funds into your account and you can repay us on your payday. You may only proceed if you are totally satisfied with the amount displayed.

  1. Easy and Secure application:

Our application form is completely secure and simple. This confidential application form takes two minutes to fill out. This established a secure connection between our customers and our website. Therefore we can assure you that your information is being sent securely and to the right place.

  1. Hourly deposits:

We expedite to run hourly deposits which let our customers have access to their payday loan as soon as possible along with NO extra cost.

  1. No Credit Checks:

When processing our payday loans we do not carry out any credit check. Which means that almost everyone is eligible to obtain a loan from us. By offering no credit check loans is one of the ways that we have been able to help applicants who have been denied for loans elsewhere to get the money they require at their need. If you have bad credit rate and also are in need of a loan, you can apply for a loan right now.

  1. Two ways to apply :

The process for applying the loan is also quite easy. You can go from applying for a payday loan either by using the online application form provided by us or can be able to do the same by making a call to our helpdesk team.

  1. High-quality customer care:

We offer high-quality customer service. As we are very much customer oriented and give the customer needs the highest priority we always try our hardest to provide a friendly and approachable customer care team. So you can contact our customer care team through email, telephone, or traditional post. Instead you can now use our Instant Messaging Support option in which you can speak with our customer care operator,  who will be happy to help you and answer any questions or queries you may have – Our main objective to do this in a fast the process by serving  the customer requirement in a speedy , friendly and confidential manner.

  1. Responsible Lending:

We are committed to responsible lending. We collect and maintain information on consumers’ and businesses’ credit behavior, on behalf of organizations in the UK. Furthermore, we don’t permit you to pile up the debt with us. We always try to build long-term relationships with our customers and will only lend to you again once you have paid back your current loan.

  1. Could improve your credit rating:

Every time when you pay off a the loan the positive repayment is reported to a Credit Reference Agency which helps you in improving and rebuilding your credit rating. However, if you do not repay your loan for any reason, that will also be reported to the Credit Reference Agency and will have a negative impact on your credit rating.

  1. Emergency Situations

Of course, a payday loan is a perfect solution to any sort of fiscal crisis, due to unexpected bills or medical payments or to repair to your house or car. Thus whatever the reason may be, this loan is designed to help you get through those small financial worries till your next payday arrives.

Global Sports Betting Market Growing by More Than 10% Year After Year

In terms of the volume of transactions being facilitated and the amount of money being bet, online sports betting accounts for roughly 40% of the world’s gambling revenue. This share has increased significantly in recent years due to the fast advent of mobile sports betting which has been seeing an even bigger-than-usual boom thanks to recent gambling law changes that some countries have made.

According to Stats from trusted resource provider Statista, the total value of the global sports betting marketing is estimated at approximately £200 billion. Furthermore, online sportsbooks and mobile betting account for more than £30 billion of that revenue. The other £170 billion is spent at conventional betting institutions like casinos and racetracks.

Mobile Gambling Taking Over the UK Market

According to a report from the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC), the size of the online betting market in the United Kingdom is increasing by more than 10% every fiscal period. Meanwhile, the revenue generated by land-based gambling fell by a whopping £137 million between 2017-2018, and similar losses were seen in the following year.

In fact, the UK lost 254 off-course betting shops during that period. During the same period, the UKGG issued 888 online gambling activity licenses. With growth like that, it won’t be long before the average gambler does most of their betting from a phone casino like MobileWins Casino. With online gambling being so much more convenient, many analysts project that the vast majority of gambling will take place from mobile devices by 2030.

The US Sports Betting Market is the Fastest Growing

While the online sports betting market has seen substantial growth everywhere, in terms of monetary value no market has seen more explosion than the sports betting sector of the US online gambling industry. In 2009, the value of the market in the US was about $20 billion. Just 7 years later in 2016, that figure had climbed to $40 billion.

Perhaps most impressively, the market has grown by $10 billion each of the three years since, bringing the overall market capitalisation to approximately $65-$70 billion. According to a survey published by Statista, more than 50% of US citizens admit to having placed a wager on a sports betting site at least one time in their life. As more Americans become accepting of online sports betting and gambling in general, it’s likely that more than 70% of the population will be placing bets online by the end of the decade.

Asia-Pacific (APAC) Has the Most Online Gamblers

Of course, Asia takes the cake in terms of population volume and growth with more than 4 billion people inhabiting the region. As a result, the APAC sector is the largest online gambling market in the world, accounting for nearly 50% of all global sports betting wagers. The extensive size of this market makes it an appealing target for foreign investors who are looking to expand their brand into China and India through site and interface translations and international marketing tactics.

With real wages increasing in the APAC region and Hong Kong and Macau already being known as two of the largest gambling markets in the world, it is likely that we’ll continue to see Asia as the largest market in terms of sheer size for a number of decades. In fact, according to a report issued by Transparency Market Research, the APAC online betting market is expected to experience a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of about 12.9% between 2019-2024.

European Football Has the Greatest Betting Volume

In terms of which sports are generating the most revenue for online sports betting platforms, football (soccer) is the leader followed ironically by American football. After that, the big three US leagues (the NBA, NHL, and MLB) also generate a fair amount of bets. Although horse racing has come to be known as a niche market, it still produces quite a bit of gambling activity in the UK, US, South Africa, France, and Australia.

These statistics give sports betting companies an idea of how to structure their marketing campaigns when targeting potential new leads. Generally speaking, the best move for a new sports betting business is to focus on catering to European football fans or the fans of the big three American leagues, especially during pivotal tournaments and playoffs.

eSports are Taking Off as Well

Finally, a newer sector called eSports – playing games against other players and betting on the outcome – has also been picking up steam in recent years and is projected to reach a total market size of $1.5 billion by 2020. This creates a great opportunity for bookmakers to capitalise on additional betting types, since players can bet not only on their own games, but on global tournaments played by other players. As eSports continues to rise in popularity, it is expected to begin to represent a sizeable share of the global gambling market.

The History of FTSE 100 Index

The Financial Times Stock Exchange 100 is a capitalisation-weighted index of the largest 100 companies publicly-listed and traded on the London Stock Exchange. Maintained by the FTSE Group, the index is used by investors to measure the prosperity of the businesses regulated by the United Kingdom Company Law and evaluate the overall British economic scenery. Read more about it below and find out why it’s one of the best options to trade CFDs.

Brief History of the FTSE 100 Index

The Financial Times Stock Exchange 100 Index, also known as the FTSE 100 Index, FTSE 100, FTSE, or informally called the Footsie – was founded on January 3, 1984; at the starting level of 1000 points. In December of 1999, when the internet revolutionised the trading world – the index reached an all-time high of 6,950. A rise in the price of Brent crude oil to about 60 US dollars was another factor. This record was surpassed in May 2018, with a closing value of 7,877.45 and an intra-day value of 7,903.50.

The Financial Times Stock Exchange 100 Index – Overview

The index is maintained by the FTSE Group, a joint venture between the Financial Times of London and the London Stock Exchange. It is composed of the largest 100 companies by market cap which account for 81% of the entire market capitalisation of the London Stock Exchange. The market cap represents the current value of a companies’ share price, times the number of shares issued. Apart from this characteristic, in order to be listed the firms must meet other criteria, such as having a full-listing on the London Stock Exchange with Sterling or Euro denominated price on the Stock Exchange Electronic Trading Service. The listing is updated quarterly, meaning that companies can change at any time and make space for other with a larger market cap. Throughout the years the list has changed exponentially mainly due to depreciation of market value, mergers and termination of some companies.  In some cases, the components changed their names, such as HSBC, the formerly Midland Bank.

The index is calculated in real-time and published every second when the market is open. The trading session on the London Stock Exchange starts at 08:00 and ends at 16:30. Closing values are taken at 16:35. The FTSE 100 is typically used as a useful and accurate indicator of how well the UK stock market performs, but not of the UK financial market or economy per se, as many listed companies have internationally-focused operations. A better indication of the UK economy is the FTSE 250 Index, as it contains a large portion of companies that operate within the UK.

After the latest update from March 18, 2019 – the top ten companies listed on the FTSE 100 Index are:

  • 3i (III)
  • Admiral Group (ADM)
  • Anglo American plc (AAL)
  • Antofagasta (ANTO)
  • Ashtead Group (AHT)
  • Associated British Foods (ABF)
  • AstraZeneca (AZN)
  • Auto Trader Group (AUTO)
  • Aviva (AV)
  • BAE Systems (B)

Don’t forget, the companies are ranked based on market capitalisation! You can find the complete list and monitor the updates of indices and their prices on the FTSE Group’s website.

How to invest in the FTSE 100 Index

You can invest in the FTSE 100 Index stocks through the platform of an online CFDs broker. The firm you choose is extremely important because it hosts your investment and offers you the means to reach the best results. TradeFW.com is an online investment firm registered and authorised to operate by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC).  The broker keeps your funds in a segregate account, offers you negative balance protection and a professional trading environment, filled with informative materials and modern tools to guide and help you. As a beginner, you’ll need all the help you can get and having it all in just one place is a big advantage!

Once you’re settled and have an online broker, it’s time to buy shares! In one way or another, all 100 companies are a safe buy, as they will be profitable even in tough economic times due to their high market cap. However, it is indicated to invest in companies that are from your area of expertise, or the ones that you think are compatible with your trading style, strategy and financial goals. If you’re looking to diversify your investment portfolio, you can simply buy shares from several different industries. Don’t worry; you have where to choose from!

Conclusion The FTSE 100 is an index of leading companies listed on the London Stock Exchange. It is mainly used to gauge the prosperity of the UK stock market, as its components account for 81% of the entire market capitalisation of the London Stock Exchange. You can invest in it and diversify your portfolio through the platform of an online broker, by buying shares.

Texas Hold’em: How it Went from Humble Beginnings to Worldwide Success

The invention of Texas Hold’em, perhaps the most popular variation on the classic card game poker, is an event that remains shrouded in mystery. While we now know a lot about the history of the game and its rise to prominence, there is little in the way of concrete evidence to show us exactly where the game was invented and by who. Well, we can make a pretty good guess at where Texas Hold’em began.

Like all things gambling, it wasn’t until the game reached Las Vegas that it really took off. We know the players who brought the game to Vegas; they included Crandell Addington, Amarillo Slim and Doyle Brunson. Texas Hold’em was the first poker variant to introduce the concept of aces high, whereas an ace had always been considered to be a 1 before.

Originally known simply as ‘Hold’em’, Texas Hold’em was perceived almost instantly as “the thinking man’s poker” because there were four rounds of betting, instead of the usual two. This gave the players more room to devise and implement strategies to win the game.

Golden Nugget

The Golden Nugget Casino, situated in downtown Las Vegas, was the first casino to offer Texas Hold’em to punters. In fact, for some time it was the only casino that offered Texas Hold’em. The casino’s location and décor didn’t exactly attract the ritziest of Vegas gamblers. However, the game itself was beginning to pique the interest of professional players and they began searching for a more suitable arena in which to play.

By 1969, the Dunes Casino, located on the Las Vegas Strip, was offering Texas Hold’em and was the casino of choice for numerous professional players. The prominent location and steady stream of inexperienced players meant that the pros were able to clean house and walk away with some handsome profits

World Series is Born

Also, in 1969, Tom Moore founded the Gambling Fraternity Convention, an annual gathering that hosted a poker tournament. From its inaugural year, the Gambling Fraternity Convention offered Texas Hold’em, among other games. It was in 1970 when the rights to the convention were acquired by Tom Moore, and it was duly renamed the World Series of Poker. They also moved the game to their own casino, Binion’s Horseshoe in Las Vegas.

After the first year of the World Series, a journalist named Tom Thackery suggested that the main event should be a game of Texas Hold’em with no betting limit. Ever since then, no-limit Texas Hold’em has become the main event of the convention. As time has gone on, the event has exploded in popularity, going from dozens of entrants in the early days to hundreds that apply today.


It was during the 1980’s that interest in the game moved beyond Nevada’s borders. California had legalised card rooms where players could play draw poker. However, Texas Hold’em was initially deemed to be prohibited by an existing statute that outlawed a different game entirely. However, in 1988, a judge ruled that Texas Hold’em was legally different to the banned game and the game was permitted throughout the state of California. The game was then introduced to a European audience by two bookmakers, Liam Flood and Terry Rogers.

Hold’em Today.

Today, Texas Hold’em is one of the most popular poker variants. It witnessed an explosion in popularity during the early 2000’s, owing in large part to the arrival of television exposure. Other factors that saw the game explode in popularity around the world were the availability of the internet, and therefore the rules of the game, and an increase in popular literature available that also instructed players on how to play the game.

Moving into the 2010’s, the growing popularity of Texas Hold’em can mostly be attributed to online casinos, which have made the game available anywhere and anytime to players. Increasingly sophisticated AI has proven to be a very effective training tool for players, and easy access to the game has meant that dedicated players can improve their skills wherever they go.

But not all online casinos are created equal, and you’d be surprised how many of them struggle to represent classic casino games properly in digital format. Along with the classic card games are a plethora of new takes on old classics. Yet, even amongst all these options, Texas Hold’em really stands out.

As well as being featured prominently in online casinos, Texas Hold’em is also very well represented in the realm of film. There are numerous classic movies that feature a casino and card games. If characters are playing poker, it is usually Texas Hold’em. It has become the standard version of poker in many places. In fact, outside of professional circles, the terms poker and Texas Hold’em are often used interchangeably.

Another less appreciated development that has contributed to the rise in interest regarding Texas Hold’em is the arrival of the hole card cam. This is a camera that enables the viewers watching a game of Texas Hold’em to see the hole cards, the cards that each player has and which are combined with cards in the middle of the table to produce a 5-card hand. This meant that the viewers at home know who was bluffing and who had genuinely strong hands while the players were none the wiser.

Texas Hold’em has grown to become perhaps the most popular form of poker on the planet. There are many people who learn to play Texas Hold’em before they learn classic poker. The extra rounds of betting allow for more in-depth strategy and more nuanced decision making than regular poker. The rise in popularity of the game, as reflected in the number of players, has meant that we now see ads for Texas Hold’em tournaments on TV. The World Poker Series continues to be a huge draw, both physically and on TV.

Despite its humble beginnings, Texas Hold’em is a global superstar today, as are many of the players.

Why lacking UTM parameters in your social media marketing is a faux pas

Does UTM ring a bell to you? Do you know what UTM stands for? Do you know that you should know if you use social media marketing for your online business? Well, if you have just answered “no” to all these question you are going to find out all of it in a moment. Because UTM is a powerful tool that can help you not only improve your social media marketing campaigns but also improve your overall marketing strategy.

What is UTM – definition

UTM stands for Urchin Traffic Modules or Models. Don’t worry – you don’t have to remember the extension as there is like 99% chance you won’t ever use that and will always referring to it as UTM (because the extension sounds even more enigmatic than the abbreviation). UTM itself is not a brand new concept as it was born almost 15 years ago but is still getting the popularity it should already have.

UTM are just little fragments of text that you can add to URLs and which will tell Google Analytics or any other analytical tool something more about each link. This will give you additional insight about the traffic on your website in general or caused by a social media marketing campaign you decided to run.

Parameters of UTM for measuring social media campaigns

UTM is a highly universal tool and you can track many things with that. However, when it comes to any social media marketing campaign the best thing to do is to focus on the ones most crucial for campaign success. And these are: campaign name, source and medium. For example if you have facebook advertising campaign the URL can look like this: http://www.example.com/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=summer. It’s just an example and the builder will generate one for you so you don’t have to note down the parameter names.

When implemented, these three parameters will measure the effectiveness of your social media marketing campaign and you will be able to see what exactly works and what doesn’t. You also will be able to check various marketing strategies and choose the one most appropriate and efficient for your business. If you struggle to get the intended results from your campaigns UTM can have all the answers you need.

How to prepare to implement UTM tracking

First of all – to implement UTM tracking you don’t need any expertise and hidden knowledge. You can do it simply with Google URL builder and it is built in a way that the whole process becomes quite intuitive and easy to go through. But where to start?

Actually the best action to take at the very beginning of your journey with UTM tracking is just to track it all. You should tag with UTM all the campaign data possible to track to have a good overview. Right before starting a campaign you should ask yourself whether it is focused on one product, whole company or maybe an event, how long you want to run it and what is actually the purpose of it. 

Once you have answered all these question and thought about it well you are able to map out the campaign and then add UTM parameters. Prepare them well and give yourself time to think what they should look like. If you devote enough time to make it properly you will be able to meticulously track your campaign effects and see whether it works in the way you wanted. And if not you will be able to improve it in a short time. If you are still confused – don’t panic. UTM only sounds scary but it’s really easy and nice tool to implement. If you grasp the point of it and just boot the builder you will quickly get it going! And with it you will be able to get very valuable info about your campaigns and improve them. Without them you just make social media marketing more difficult for yourself which doesn’t really have a point, does it?

How to Make Healthy Financial Changes – and Stick to Them

If you have been struggling to stick to financial changes; this article has 3 steps you need to follow if you want to master your finances. 

If you aren’t the best at handling money, it might be easier than you think to get back on track with your budgeting. There are plenty of ways you can begin to implement a positive change to your spending. Here are some of the ways you can make healthy financial changes in a way you can stick with.

Start Small

Trying to tackle your spending in one go is not going to work. You might be able to sustain it for a week or two but then you will end up back where you started. Instead, you should focus on one small area that you want to change instead of trying to tackle everything all at once.

This change should be small and it should ideally be something which you do every day. Examples could include switching to bingo on mobile instead of going down to your local hall, or taking a coffee to work with you instead of buying a pricey cappuccino every morning. Changes like these will make the bigger problems all the easier to face.

Avoid the Temptations

Find out what your spending triggers are and make sure that you try to avoid them when you can. This will help to cut down on the temptations of superfluous spending and can seriously help you to actively change your habits.

For example, online shops often send out newsletters to their customers with tempting deals. If you frequently splurge on online sales, unsubscribing from these newsletters removes the temptation of sales and deals. Likewise, if you know that you are likely to spend a lot of money in a supermarket when you are hungry, try to do your weekly shop on a full stomach so you only get what you need.

Find Support

Support can come from the unlikeliest of places. Confide in your friends and family and see if they are willing to help you out on your journey. They may have some interesting tips and techniques which you can adopt which might help you to save and change more positively. If they try to accuse you of “becoming boring” or anything else judgemental, don’t be afraid to cut them out. A true friend should want the best for you instead.

Head online if you have to. You might find an amazing forum or Facebook group for like-minded people who can help to build you up where people in your home life don’t. You are going to need support to get you through your changes, so the sooner you can find the right support network the better.

It might seem like a mountain to climb but positive financial change is well within your grasp. Take the time to work out your goals and why you need to make these changes and get ready to take this new journey one step at a time. There are going to be setbacks and struggles, but there is no reason why you cannot come out the other side with a wholly new and positive attitude to your finances.

What you can do if you are involved in a case of financial fraud

The first thing that comes in mind when dealing with serious accusations like financial frauds is to ask for legal advice from a criminal defence solicitor who has experience in such area of crimes. A defence lawyer will explain your rights, even if only accusations have been brought or if the police keep you in custody. At an international scale, financial frauds are seen and detected on a daily basis, but the authorities continue to fight against the phenomenon with the help of restrictive laws and punishments.

Bribery and corruption, as part of financial frauds

Bribery and corruption, money laundering, investment fraud, terrorist financing, insider dealing, and market abuse are categorised as financial frauds for which offenders can face long-time imprisonment and/or harsh fines. The act of bribery is a serious concern in any country, and persons accused of such crimes will have to immediately ask for legal advice and representation in front of the authorities. Offering money or assets as a bribe to public authorities in exchange for personal benefits or asking to ignore an offence for different financial aids or errands enters the bribery category. This is a financial fraud which should be immediately reported to the police if detected. Preventing bribery and corruption at a high level is part of different programmes of authorities worldwide, so you can also be involved, one way or another at a certain point.

In the case of offenders accused of financial frauds, including bribery, it is best to talk to a criminal lawyer and find out the ways in which you can receive legal advice and representation. A proper defence normally leads to a successful case, so having the legal support of an experienced lawyer is recommended.

Money laundering cases

Another worrying phenomenon refers to the money laundering cases which are illegal activities involving large sums of money illegally gained. Specific transactions are involved when trying to wash the trace of the money, and most of the fraudsters think of front businesses, shell companies, black salaries, and anything related, in their way of escaping from the authorities watch. In most cases, organised crime groups are involved in money laundering cases where real estate transactions or jewellery trading are used to wash the illegal money. If you face such accusations, do not hesitate to get in touch with a criminal solicitor and find out more about how you can receive legal advice. Your legal rights are explained in the first place when contacting a solicitor in a financial fraud case.

Investment frauds – what you need to know Investment frauds are often related to medium and high financial hubs all over the world, where illegal transactions or agreements develop in a fraudulent manner. Illegal insider dealing and trading, bank investment schemes or fraudulent manipulation of stock exchanges are only a few of the investment fraud cases involving companies, investors or even public institutions. The first thing to consider in cases of financial fraud accusations is to get in contact with a criminal defence solicitor with expertise in this area of frauds.

Aircraft Charter Chapman Freeborn Partners with Avia Solutions Group

International aviation holding Avia Solutions Group has recently acquired 100% of shareholdings of Chapman Freeborn, a British aircraft charter firm. Signed last month, the acquisition agreement is expected to bring huge rewards for both companies. Just what does each stand to gain, though? And what does that mean for the air travel industry?

To find out, let’s explore the business venture in more depth.

How do both businesses work?

They may belong to the air industry, both businesses work in markedly different ways. While Chapman Freeborn is a cargo charter agency – offering flights for goods by hire – Avia Solutions Group controls shares in leading aviation firms.

For almost 50 years, the former has guaranteed safe and prompt air travel for freight of all kinds, from equipment to humanitarian aid.

The holdings group, on the other hand, has shares in companies across the world, and has taken on 42 subsidiaries since it first began nine years ago. 

Why is the agreement taking place?

It’s easy to see why Avia Solutions Group is keen on this agreement. It is, after all, a holdings firm; its main premise is to acquire shares in other businesses.

And of course, it’s likely to enjoy the sector expansion that the agreement allows, as Chapman Freeborn are leaders in air cargo transportation.

But what are the reasons for the charter company entering into it? Chief executive Russi Batliwala emphasises that it’s Avia’s global reach that he and his team are most interested in. The air industry is a global one – so it makes sense to stretch global outreach as far as possible.

He says: “Joining forces with Avia Solutions Group will provide us with a greater level of business scale, resources and expertise to accelerate growth and deliver our services to an even wider client base…”

So, for Chapman Freeborn, the agreement offers the opportunity for wider global outreach while also, in Batliwala’s words, holding onto its “unique company culture and ongoing commitment to charter market innovation.” 

How will it benefit each company?

So, how could each company benefit from the agreement?

Regarding cost, both stand to reap huge financial rewards – the predicted revenue of the new partnership for this year alone is €1 billion. Its projected growth is largely down to the current success of the two companies; their combined revenue for 2018 amounts to €800 million.

Aside from a rise in revenue, the partnership offers various other rewards. Chapman Freeborn will be able to grow its audience on a global scale, working with other Avia subsidiaries specialising in other fields of air cargo transport to further enhance its services.

Likewise, the agreement enables Avia to expand its presence in key aviation sectors, in turn helping the group to transform the air cargo industry as a whole. This is an exciting time for not just air freight transport – but the entire aviation industry.