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Homeowners today take everything but the kitchen sink

Moving house is common nature to most of us and is something that many of us do at least once in our lives. Generally, people often move house for positive reasons; to secure a new job or perhaps to move to a larger property but the process of moving is often considered one of the most stressful events in our day-to-day lives.

It can be especially stressful if you’ve lived in your previous property for a long period of time as we tend to accumulate more junk the longer we’re situated in a single place, which eventually means more to move or more to dispose of. It’s therefore not surprising that we’ve all devised processes, procedures, tips and checklists to ensure the most efficient and stress-free move.

Commonly, your checklists for moving house could include booking removal companies, moving the address for your bills and utilities and de-cluttering your rooms to ensure you’re not taking anything  you don’t need, but does it include pulling up plants from the garden or removing and taking light bulbs? According to research, it’s very likely these days!

Blame it on increased living costs

Research conducted this year shows that a high number of homeowners and renters are taking everything except the kitchen sink when they move house. The over-fifties are the first to notice this strange behaviour as 42% have moved into a house without working light bulbs. The thought of gutting your house every time you move could have sounded unconventional five years ago but as a continued recession looms and with the expense of living, especially energy, on the rise it seems almost sensible to take your costly energy-saving light bulbs.

The study has also identified that a large number of house movers take washing lines, outdoor shrubs and trees, some have even gone as far as to rip up their carpets to take with them! What we’re seeing here is potentially evidence of the increased gap between young and older generations and a loss of traditional values. Older homeowners who have moved house have left helpful tips on how to use items in the home, personal good luck cards and some have even been known to leave bottles of wine or a house plant as a gift.

That personal touch

A variety of removal companies are trying to re-establish this traditional idea of being helpful to your neighbour by leaving ‘New Home Hampers’, it’s also a fantastic marketing idea and is wholeheartedly welcomed by customers using their service. The Hampers usually include items such as local takeaway menus, bin bags, toilet paper, tea, sugar, wine and cleaning wipes – practical, with a personal touch!

This research has certainly shown the impact of the recession on homeowners in the United Kingdom but another lesson can be learnt from this, it doesn’t cost money or time to ease the stress of someone else’s house move. Next time leave a personal little note and feel good about it.

What do you take with you when you move house? After reading this would you leave helpful notes for the next house user? Let us know in the comment section below.

This article was provided by Removal Services Scotland, an accredited business supplying removals in Glasgow, Edinburgh and throughout Scotland.


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