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Fuel fiasco leaves girl unable to go to school

An angry 13-year-old girl has contacted the Prime Minister demanding an apology – after the fuel fiasco meant she could not go to school.

Disgruntled youngster Lucy Royce was pulled out of her secondary school before her lessons even began on Friday because her mum did not have enough petrol to pick her up later in the afternoon.

According to mum Victoria, 37, all the petrol stations within a 50 mile radius had run out of fuel meaning the family – including nine year old twins Joseph and Oliver – are now virtually stranded in their own home in rural Bridgnorth, Shrops.

So model student Lucy fired off an email to David Cameron once she returned home blasting him for his ‘mismanagement’ and ‘misjudgement.’ of the escalating fuel debate.

She also fumed at the Prime Minister’s ‘persacution (sic) of the lower classes’ and expressed her ‘serious disappointment’ at the way the crisis was being handled.

Teen Lucy, who wants to go into a career in politics, said: “It was really annoying. I was just about to go into my textiles class when my mum called me and said I had to come out of school now because she would not have enough petrol to come and get me later.

“Its very frustrating and I want an apology from David Cameron because he goes on about education and now mine is suffering because of this fuel debate – which is his fault.

“I’m very angry about it, he should phone up my school and explain why I am not there – my attendance record is going to suffer because of this.

“Apart from emailing the Prime Minister today, I’ve just been watching TV and helping my mum out with the chores, I’ve been really bored and want to be back at school.”

Mum Victoria said because all the petrol stations in the area were closing, there would have been no way to have done the school run yesterday afternoon.

It would have left the children with a seven-mile journey home.

So the full-time mum, who is married to husband Paul, 33, had to pull her daughter out of lessons at Oldbury Wells secondary school – just minutes after dropping her off.

She said: “Lucy wasn’t happy when I had to tell her she had to come out of school. She doesn’t even like having time off when she is ill.

“She’s very outspoken and I’ve always told her to stand up for what she believes in – so she wrote an email to David Cameron.

“There isn’t a petrol station in a 50 mile radius that has fuel. I don’t know how long we’ll be stranded for.

“Its ridiculous that because of everybody panic buying we have become prisoners in our own homes.

“I can’t believe that such a manufactured argument has got so out of hand.”


dear Mr Cameron, i would like to infrom you that due to your miss management of a potential tanker strike,my two brothers and i have not been able to attened school today.

petrol reserves in bridgnorth have been emptied by mass panic buying, and as we rely on text credits, child benefits due to our low income we were unable to fill up the car like everyone else. we are now stuck in rural shropshire unable to go anywhere.

i take my education very seriously and i am not happy that my attendance record has been blighted by your severe error and miss judgement.

despite being only 13, i have a clear undersatnding of polotics, and have the intention to pursue a career in this domain however after watching your parties polcies, tax rises,benift cuts and general persacution of the lower classes and disabled i am seriously dissapointed.

i have grown up in a conserative household with parents who believe in raising your voice to be heard, Mr Cameron, can you hear my voice? regards lucy.


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