Expway LTE validation network integrates push-to-talk, MC-video, MC-data

Critical Communications World — Expway has revealed its eBox For Critical Communications, a complete and compact mission critical LTE-Broadcast validation network in a box, the company said.

The network integrates the latest multicast requirements being defined for the 3GPP-SA6 Release 14 standard. These requirements directly address performance necessities for MC-Video and MC-Data (Mission-Critical). Expway is the only vendor to deliver total end-to-end software for LTE-Broadcast, and is best positioned to deliver this new mission-critical broadband use-case.

Expway eBox For Critical Communications is designed for ruggedized device manufacturers looking to verify their products with a 3GPP compliant PS-LTE network. It is also designed for land and private mobile radio operators to evaluate and demonstrate their PS-LTE network services and use-cases.

The Expway eBox For Critical Communications components are pre-integrated, and 3GPP standards based, reducing risks for Land and Private Mobile Radio operators and device manufacturers. Tier-one operators have deployed these carrier-grade components worldwide for commercial B2C uses.

Expway enables mobile carriers, device manufacturers, and content delivery networks to monetize the mobile video-streaming explosion. It delivers content efficiently and cost effectively through the last mile, from the mobile carrier antenna to the end-user device, with consistent high-quality-of-experience.