Lane Crawford picks Orange to improve digital shopping experience

Orange Business Services has been chosen by multi-brand designer label luxury retailer Lane Crawford to provide a cloud-based platform to extend, secure and manage its IT resources in Hong Kong and China, the company said.

This deployment will enable Lane Crawford to marry offline strengths with digital advantages and offer its customers a more connected retail experience.

Through Orange Business Services´ cloud platform, Lane Crawford will have higher flexibility and scalability to accommodate changes in demand due to seasonal shopping, sales and promotional activities, and ad-hoc use.

By adopting a cloud-based platform, Lane Crawford can appropriately align its business with the rapid growth of online shopping in China and meet the needs of new and existing customers.

Founded in 1850, Hong Kong-based Lane Crawford is widely recognized as a leading retailer of specialty and luxury goods in Hong Kong and China.

Orange Business Services provides IT solutions integrator and applications in France and around the world.