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Billion pound bottle binge

This year the UK will have spent around £4.3billion on booze.

This year the average adult will spend £75 on alcohol over Christmas. The figure includes £33 spent in pubs and £42 in supermarkets and off-licences.

This is not only is it likely to give us a headache but also produce a huge pile of empties.

The report by Jane Peyton, writer and founder of School of Booze, also found seven out of ten adults will spend the same or more on booze this Christmas than they did last year.

A total of 17 per cent of people involved in the poll will actually drink less but splash out on better quality versions of their favourite drinks.

Peyton, says: “Our Christmas drinking habits are very deeply ingrained and that explains our determination to stick to the traditional tipples we enjoy.

“That means many old favourites like Babycham, sherry, port, and ginger wine will make their annual appearance as we repeat the rituals of what and when we drink.

“Nostalgia also influences our choices so if we used to sip Sherry at Christmas with great aunt Sabina we’re likely to choose something that gives us happy memories.

“It also accounts for why we spend a bit more on our preferred poison -as a treat for ourselves or guests – even if we are likely to cut down on the amount we drink this year.”


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