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British Gas accused of wasting energy at its head office

Shocking pictures have revealed British Gas bosses don’t take their own advice when it comes to saving energy.

It has been revealed that the organisation has been wasting energy, embarrassing for a company that prides its self on giving energy saving advice.

Special thermal images caught the energy giants head quarters lit up with light and heaters on full blast.

The offices of British Gas owner, Centrica, were exactly the same. Both buildings showed heating on when barely any staff would still be working.

The evidence also showed energy escaping, due to parts of British Gas HQ not being insulated properly.

Paul Steedman, energy campaigner for Friends of the Earth, said: “With soaring profits and bumper pay-outs for shareholders, British Gas obviously has money to burn on wasting energy.”

The big six all display proudly their green credentials, often promoting ‘free’ insulation to certain consumers.

However, many will find that free loft and cavity wall insulation is actually funded by the tax on all householders’ energy bills.

British Gas even provide tips on their website for energy saving; ‘turn unused lights off, turn the heating down by 1 degree’, but apparently British Gas boss does not listen to his own advice.

The organisations HQ in Staines, Middlesex, was visited at 9pm – where investigators found lights left on, and heating was on through out the building.


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