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Proxim Wireless Advanced WORP(R) Sync technology now available

Proxim Wireless Corp. (OTC: PRXM) said it has announced the launch of Tsunami WORP Sync, the latest release of Proxim´s proprietary Wireless Optimized Routing Protocol software.

With the growing demand for outdoor wireless applications and limited license-free spectrum, there exists a clear and growing deficit of available interference-free frequencies. Large scale wireless Internet service providers and organizations with dense networks are compelled to reuse the limited available spectrum, often resulting in high self-interference, poor quality of service, and reduced throughput.

Proxim´s WORP Sync technology effectively overcomes these challenges by harmonizing all Proxim WORP Sync-enabled PtMP base station units and PtP radios in a network to either transmit or receive at the exact same time with the help of GPS satellite signals or other Ethernet timing devices.

This WORP Sync harmonization results in reduced self-interference and improved consistent, high throughput performance, improved over the air efficiency and collocation, common timing protocol for multi-vendor equipment environments.

Proxim Wireless provides Wi-Fi, point-to-point and point-to-multipoint 4G wireless network technologies for wireless Internet, video surveillance and backhaul applications. For more information, visit


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