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CSXT GO FAST! breaks amateur space flight world records

4 September 2014

The Civilian Space eXploration Team (CSXT) which built the first amateur rocket to exceed 62 miles in flight–the official boundary of space–back in 2004 said it has broken its 72-mile record.

With the help of Denver, CO sponsor GO FAST!, CSXT came together again with their original crew to launch another rocket and face the challenge of breaking their preceding record, which was confirmed when the CSXT GO FAST! 2014 Rocket reached 385,800 feet above mean sea level (73.1 miles) and hit a top speed of 3,580 miles per hour, which are both new world records.

Along with those two records, they also accomplished having the first photo taken from space onboard an amateur rocket and are now the second amateur rocket in history to reach space.

The CSXT GO FAST! 2014 rocket re-entered Earth´s atmosphere and landed about 30 miles away from the launch point and took weeks from the launch date for the CSXT team to locate and recover it. Onboard the vehicle contained the recorded altitude and speed data which was needed to determine if they had broken their preceding World Records.

The Civilian Space eXploration Team is an all-civilian team currently comprised of individuals from all walks of life. CSXT was founded in 1995 by former Hollywood stuntman Ky Michaelson and is managed by Aerospace Entrepreneur Jerry Larson. The team was formed with the single goal of launching the first all civilian rocket into space (above 100 km).


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