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AHA371,AHA372 PCI-Express cards reduce CPU load and overall system power

AHA Products Group said it has announced the introduction and immediate availability of two new GZIP compression accelerator products.

This latest development, following a long history of compression products, has unmatched performance and power savings. Both cards support GZIP, ZLIB, LZS, and Deflate and have a low profile, PCI-Express Gen-2 x8 form factor. The AHA371 and AHA372 products provide expansion control, on-the-fly compressed data verification for high integrity storage systems, and excellent compression ratios while performing full duplex compression and decompression at 10 or 20 Gbps throughput, respectively. Device drivers are available free for a variety of operating systems.

For over 26 years AHA has been the leader in lossless data compression and forward error correction and now supports crypto acceleration technologies. Based in Moscow, Idaho, the design centre develops and markets ICs, PCBs, and IP cores for commercial and government customers worldwideAHA Products Group is a division of Comtech EF Data Corp., a wholly owned subsidiary of Comtech Telecommunications Corp. (NASDAQ: CMTL). For more information, visit


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