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SoMedia integrates with Marketo

SoMedia Networks (TSX Venture: VID) said it has announced its integration with Marketo (NASDAQ: MKTO), a provider of marketing software.

SoMedia´s Scalable Video App for Marketo provides marketers with on demand video production in unlimited volume and with national reach plus free hosting, custom video players and real-time video analytics. The offering is now available through Marketo LaunchPoint, the most complete ecosystem of marketing solutions.

Scalable Video for Marketo enables marketers to easily order the production of custom business video content anywhere in North America, in any volume, with fourteen day turnaround, at the lowest price points. SoMedia´s free video players easily integrate into Marketo landing pages and email campaigns providing campaign management and viewer engagement features. Advanced video analytics provide video engagement data used to help tune video architecture while activity logs are available real-time, allowing data segmentation, scoring, lead nurturing and video ROI analysis.

Marketing automation and content marketing are transforming brand engagement, but until now automation platforms have not supported or offered users video content production solutions due to their lack of scalability. The Marketo-SoMedia offering now enables marketers to seamlessly design, order, deploy, manage and track video content as they would any other content marketing asset.

SoMedia Networks, the creator of Scalable Video, has reengineered how businesses access video content creation, production and deployment. The cloud-based SoMedia Platform allows businesses, brands and media to easily order the production of custom video content at scale and volume, anywhere, on demand, with rapid turnaround, and at a fraction of current costs. To learn more visit:

Marketo provides the leading marketing software for companies of all sizes to build and sustain engaging customer relationships. For more information, visit


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