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Image Sensing Systems announces CitySync Recognition as a Service

Image Sensing Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: ISNS) said it is introducing its first software-only product, CitySync Recognition as a Service (RaaS).

This breakthrough cloud solution gives any and all businesses and governments the power to use and access the state-of-the-art CitySync license plate recognition engine. Image Sensing Systems´ solution goes beyond just being useful for law enforcement agencies. License plate data can be used to solve a wide variety of problems from parking enforcement to commercial data gathering to providing VIP concierge services to private security solutions; the uses are endless.

CitySync RaaS is an annual service that provides organizations with the fastest, most accurate automated license plate recognition engine in the world. This stand-alone solution can be implemented into any size organization or infrastructure without the need for purchasing expensive software. CitySync RaaS is delivered standard as a cloud-based solution but can also be installed as an on-premises solution and is adaptable to the needs of any business.

Image Sensing Systems, Inc. is a global company dedicated to helping improve safety and efficiency for cities and highways by developing and delivering above-ground detection technology, applications and solutions. Its website is at


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