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Rubicon Project, Merkle unveil high impact page takeover capability

Rubicon Project (NYSE: RUBI) and Merkle said they have unveiled a ground-breaking capability for buyers and sellers of advertising to engage digital consumers in a pioneering way.

While guaranteed-sold takeovers have been a trusted and powerful way for publishers to provide access to 100 percent share-of-voice to premium advertiser brands, they are expensive and often serve the same ad to every viewer. For the first time, through automated private exchange technology, advertisers will be able to run campaigns that achieve a 100 percent share-of-voice on any given page.

Through automated private exchange buying across all available inventory on a publisher´s site, along with data-driven ad placement, a brand will now be able to reach its desired audience in a powerful and more effective new way. And with Rubicon Project´s Advertising Automation Cloud, this reach will achieve global scale.

With specially engineered hardware to enable low latency trading, Rubicon Project´s Advertising Automation Cloud currently processes 2.5m queries per second and trillions of bid requests each month on behalf of the hundreds of premium publishers and applications and tens of thousands of advertiser brands who rely on the advertising automation cloud to buy and sell advertising inventory.

Rubicon Project has engineered the advertising automation cloud, one of the largest real-time cloud and Big Data computing systems. Its website is at

Merkle works with clients to design, execute and evaluate connected CRM programs. Its website is at


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