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Lockton Aviation provides risk management for Amelia Rose Earhart's flight around the globe

27 June 2014

As Amelia Rose Earhart continues her attempt to circumnavigate the globe, she faces many similarities between her flight and the one in 1937 of her namesake, Amelia Mary Earhart.

Both aviators will have spent the night in the same Oakland, Calif. airplane hangar before departing in an aircraft equipped with a modified fuel tank designed to allow for longer flying time. They will also share the same west-to-east flight pattern as they traverse the globe with a co-pilot.

However, because of advancements in technology since Amelia Mary took flight nearly 80 years ago, there are also dramatic differences. On her iPad, Amelia Rose will have easy access to not only countless stacks of flight plan paperwork, but also contact information for international claims adjusters around the world. Her Lockton brokerage team uploaded the information to the device, making any liability policy they placed for Amelia Rose accessible at her fingertips.

“Our role in supporting Amelia Rose was first and foremost to secure liability coverage for the use of the aircraft,” said Ty Carter, aviation risk management executive with Lockton. “But beyond that, we wanted give her technology and risk assessment tools that would help assure a safe and complete flight.”

Lockton also furnished her iPad with its Flight Risk Assessment Tool (FRAT) for use during her adventure. The Lockton Aviation team created the app using critical flight preparedness questions from the Federal Aviation Administration.

Before each leg, Amelia Rose will answer the set of 20 questions about such vital factors as the weather, time of day, and her familiarity with the airport, to get a final score for the flight. She can then take that score into consideration when determining whether or not conditions are favorable for take off.


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