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One third of Britons are not using digital skills to get the most out of the 70m technology devices purchased in the UK

Over 70 million technology gadgets have been bought in the UK over the last 12 months, but almost one third of Britons lack the knowledge to make full use of their devices and just 6% are fully skilled in digital technology, financial services provider Barclays revealed on Wednesday.

Barclays has published new research which shows that over the last year Britons spent an average of GBP355 per person on technology devices such as iPads, Kindles or smart phones. However the study revealed that 29% of the UK population need help to make the most of their digital devices or gadget with confidence.

According to Barclays, 94% of British people are not using the full potential of their technology devices and 39% acknowledge that they only use about half of the functions on their digital equipment. Just 17% of mobile phone owners make full use of the functions on their phones and only 22 % of tablet owners know how to use them to the fullest extent.

In order to help its customers make the most of digital technology, Barclays has expanded its Digital Eagles initiative that provides the services of fully trained digital experts in its UK branches. The initiative started with 18 people in May 2013 and is now comprised of a newly expanded group of 7,000 fully trained Barclays Digital Eagles, who actively encourage and educate customers and non-customers to acquire digital skills.

Strategic Transformation Director at Barclays and Pioneer of the Digital Eagles, Steven Roberts, commented:

“It’s clear that we’re buying technology and not using it to its full extent and not getting the most out of these devices. This may be down to a lack of confidence and also a lack of understanding; an understandable issue as the digital world can sometimes be bewildering to people who are new to it. We want to help customers and non-customers across the UK through our ‘Digital Eagles’ programme, by taking them on a journey to improve their technology capabilities and build their confidence. This will help them to embrace the new digital revolution, so they can reap the benefits of being online to make their lives easier. Whether they’re 10 or 110, we don’t want to leave anyone behind”.


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