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InterClean Equipment to install automatic clear water rinse for US Air Force on Guam

24 June 2014

Andersen AFB Guam and InterClean Equipment of Ypsilanti Michigan have been contracted by the US Air Force to design and install an automatic taxi through clear water rinse system, designed as a corrosion control tool for the US military fleet of KC-130 and MV-22 as well as other fixed wing aircraft.

The US Air Force has implemented a policy for washing aircraft as a preventative measure to reduce corrosion on all aircraft flying over or near the world´s oceans. Typically each aircraft is washed every 15 days either manually or in this case via a taxi through rinse system “Clear Water Rinse.”

The InterClean Clear Water Rinse is designed to effectively rinse the aircraft over and under the wing and the fuselage in its entirety. The wash system effectively creates a rain shower over the aircraft with large volumes of high quality recycled water. This system is adjustable to meet weather conditions or differing aircraft which can be controlled via the PLC HMI. The pilot authorizes the wash from the cockpit or can be operated via the control tower removing the need for personnel at the wash site.

Eight high volume monitors are placed at the corners of the wash as well as spray manifolds below grade which are engineered for optimal coverage of multiple aircraft. InterClean has designed a high performance water filtration system which is self-monitoring and will process the water for re-use or discharge to the bases water treatment facility.

InterClean is a Michigan based manufacturer of heavy duty vehicle wash systems. Its website is at


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