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Endurance surveys social media intelligence among subscribers

Endurance International Group (NASDAQ: EIGI) said it has released findings from its Very Small Business Exploration, in which 596 VSB subscribers within the total Endurance subscriber base completed the survey.

Endurance surveyed its subscribers to test: how familiar VSBs are with different social media platforms, how they do (or don´t) monitor and maintain their accounts, and what tools or solutions they would be most interested in for their businesses.

The results showed:

Nearly 90 percent of VSB survey participants currently have a social media presence on at least one social media platform (like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Google+), yet most do not have an established social media strategy.

Seventy-one percent of respondents acknowledged that when it comes to social media, “we don´t have a plan, we just publish when we feel like it” was either “somewhat true” or “very true” for their company. One third of respondents admitted that they do not have a defined brand or company profile and they are not sure how to “behave” on social media.

Michael Kesselman, EVP, Innovation and Strategy at Endurance, says, “This latest study illustrates there are opportunities for VSBs to better embrace their social media presence by revisiting how, when, and why they interact with their customers in these channels. Over a third of our respondents admitted that they do not solicit interactive engagement with followers and they do not regularly create and publish news. But, over half of those we surveyed expressed an interest in learning best practices so it´s not that they don´t want to, they just don´t know how.”

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