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UBIC introduces corporate ediscovery training in Japan

UBIC, Inc. (NASDAQ: UBIC) (TSX: 2158) said it has launched a new training program designed to help managers at Japanese corporations develop expertise in modern eDiscovery techniques and better understand the demands, procedures and costs associated with the legal discovery process.

UBIC will commence its eDiscovery Manager Training program on July 1.

Like many cross-border enterprises, Japanese companies operating outside Japan — in the United States or any of the European Union countries for instance — are often at a disadvantage when involved in a commercial dispute or investigation brought in a foreign jurisdiction. In large markets like the US and the EU, such a disadvantage can affect a company´s ability to successfully manage the dispute or investigation process. This includes diminishing the company´s ability to moderate the high cost of litigation or investigation and even imperiling the achievement of a satisfactory outcome.

For these reasons, UBIC´s eDiscovery Manager Training program was created to help Japan´s corporate legal affairs, intellectual property and IT management personnel better understand the legal processes and procedures of key foreign jurisdictions. This includes the legal discovery process, which not only can be quite arduous as it is relatively unknown among Japanese corporate managers but also very expensive.

UBIC is a provider of e-discovery and digital forensic services for Asia and the world. Its website is at


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