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TripAdvisor survey reveals flyers like streamline check-in, but not uncomfortable seats

6 June 2014

TripAdvisor reported its annual air travel survey of more than 4,300 respondents has indicated that the number of US travelers expecting to fly this year is on the rise, as 93 percent intend to take a domestic flight at least once in 2014, up from 89 percent who said they flew domestically last year.

International air travel is also taking off, with 63 percent planning flights abroad, compared to 55 percent who did so in 2013.

Travelers were asked about air travel improvements over the past five years and a more efficient process was the top choice.

The top five biggest improvements in air travel:
More streamlined check-in process 38 percent
Easier booking 36 percent
More streamlined security process 32 percent
More streamlined boarding process 28 percent
Better in-flight entertainment options 25 percent

The top five flyer complaints about air travel:
Uncomfortable seats / limited legroom 73 percent
Costly airline fees and ticket prices 66 percent
Unpredictable flight delays 45 percent
Long security lines 35 percent
Loud / crying children 32 percent

When travelers were asked which amenities would most improve their in-flight experience, their answers reflected these frustrations: “more legroom” (35 percent) and “more comfortable seats” (32 percent) were their top answers. As for those frustrated by loud and crying children, 42 percent of respondents would pay to sit in a child-free section.

The airline industry´s recent introduction of “slim-line” seats does not appear to be getting a warm reception, according to survey respondents. Of the 32 percent who have experienced the new seats: 65 percent said they are less comfortable than traditional airline seats; 7 percent said they are more comfortable than traditional airline seats; 28 percent could not tell the difference.

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