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Datawatch allies with Perceptive for content management solution

Datawatch Corp. (NASDAQ: DWCH) said it has announced a strategic alliance with Perceptive Software that will provide the enterprise content management and business process management industries with the enhanced ability to analyze data trapped in unstructured and semi-structured content such as reports, PDFs, HTML files, EDI streams, print files, log files and other content-rich data sources.

The combination of Perceptive and Datawatch technologies will offer customers the capability to transform their ECM solutions into dynamic decision support environments. The collective offering accelerates and improves decision-making across enterprises by allowing users to unlock, and analyze, data that is trapped in the static documents that are stored and indexed in Perceptive ECM.

Datawatch and Perceptive will work together to market and sell the combined solution globally. Targeted sectors for the combined offering include financial services, healthcare, public sector, higher education, manufacturing and retail. To accelerate deployments, a library of pre-packaged solutions will be developed to address specific use case or functional requirements for customers. These use cases span areas such as invoice processing, finance and accounting, compliance, HR, billing and collections and admissions.

Datawatch provides visual data discovery software that optimizes any data regardless of its variety, volume, or velocity delivering next generation analytics to reveal valuable insights for improving business. Its website is at


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