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New attraction turns users into fighter pilots

9 May 2014

Squadron Ops Sim Center, a new company located near Chicago, is using systems based on actual military training principles to offer an intense taste of what it´s like to fly fighter aircraft in combat.

The company said one of the keys to the intensity of its simulations is the visual element. Each simulator has three screens that are linked to the pilot´s head via an infrared system that reads head movements and amplifies changes in perspective accordingly. This lets participants look all the way around, even behind them, without twisting their neck.

Further enhancing the experience is the simulator´s control layout. From sharply-raked, built-in seats, participants control their mission with throttle and stick systems modeled after those of the US Air Force´s A-10C and F-15 combat aircraft.

Squadron Ops´ simulations include present-day and World War II scenarios, in famous planes such as P-51 Mustang, F4U Corsair, Bf-109, F-15, A-10, MiG-29, and Su-27.

Squadron Ops Sim Center is a recreational aviation simulation facility located near Chicago, in Aurora, Illinois. Its website is at


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