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BookBaby lets authors sell eBooks direct

BookBaby said it has opened BookBaby, with which authors can sell their eBooks directly to readers through their own free BookShop ecommerce webpage, earning more money per sale and getting paid faster than ever before.

BookBaby authors will now be able to sell ePub and .mobi versions of their eBooks directly to their readers (earning 85 percent of the gross selling price) and also link fans to their eBook on popular retail sites such as iBooks, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and others. What´s more, instead of holding onto authors´ money for weeks or even months like other distributors and retailers, BookBaby pays its authors within one week of the sale.

BookShop is free to every BookBaby author, including writers who are now taking advantage of the company´s new FREE eBook publishing package. Authors can upload ePub files directly to BookBaby for worldwide eBook distribution without any upfront costs.

BookShop is the latest addition to BookBaby´s fast-growing list of products and services to help authors find success in the marketplace.

BookPromo, a free promotional service for all BookBaby authors, debuted in late 2013 and continues to grow with new products and placements with many of the industry´s top promotional companies including GoodReads, PR Newswire, Reader´s Favorite and many more. BookPromo features book discovery placements, free reviews, promotional opportunities and resources.

BookBaby is the sister company to CD Baby, the world´s largest online distributor of independent music. Founded as a garage start-up in 1998, CD Baby has grown to become one of the most trusted names in the independent music business.

Distributing eBooks in over 185 countries through 11+ online retail stores, including Amazon, Apple, Barnes and Noble and more, BookBaby offers a full array of services including eBook formatting, cover design and distribution, as well as short run book printing. Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, BookBaby was launched in early 2011 and applies the same services and powerful resources as sister company CD Baby to the digital publishing world, to help independent authors and publishers accomplish their goals.


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