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Avianca Brasil, Byogy Renewables work for approval of alcohol-to-jet renewable jet fuel

23 April 2014

Continuing its commitment to deliver price competitive, 100 percent replacement biofuels, Byogy Renewables and airline partner Avianca Brasil said they have launched a significant initiative to support advanced testing to accelerate the Byogy ATJ ASTM approval.

Unlike the confusing term drop-in fuel, which is defined as the final mixture of hydrocarbon additive products with jet fuel produced from oil, Byogy´s proprietary ATJ process produces one of the world´s first full replacement fuel that does not require blending, and also demonstrates performance characteristics better than jet fuel produced from oil. Byogy´s jet fuel is not an additive, but instead, a full replacement standalone fuel, and hence can be used at any blend ratio up to 100 percent.

The initiative will also study to validate the significant beneficial environmental impact achieved using Byogy´s ATJ to satisfy the proposed ICAO 2050 Neutral Carbon Growth mandate for the country of Brazil by leveraging the existing, and abundant sugar cane feedstock, as opposed to waiting for years before other agriculture feedstock industries are proven cost effective.

Byogy Renewables, headquartered in California with a subsidiary in Brazil, has developed a proprietary breakthrough catalytic platform that converts any source of ethanol, butanol, mixed alcohols, or related olefins, into full replacement, and cost competitive biofuels including gasoline, diesel and jet fuel.

Avianca Brasil is a Brazilian commercial airline based in Sao Paulo operating passenger services to over 25 destinations. Avianca is committed to achieve reduced carbon emissions through the use of competitive aviation biofuels.


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