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Fortinet's FortiGuard Labs uncovers 18 new zero-day vulnerabilities in 2013

Fortinet (NASDAQ: FTNT) reported that its global threat research arm FortiGuard Labs discovered 18 critical zero-day vulnerabilities in 2013, adding to the 140-plus zero-day vulnerabilities identified since 2006.

Of these, 128 vulnerabilities have been fixed by the appropriate vendors. For the list of outstanding zero-day vulnerabilities visit:

“FortiGuard Labs has been quietly doing great threat research work behind the scenes for Fortinet for more than a decade. It´s time to acknowledge the more than 200 unsung heroes who toil behind the scenes around the world,” said Derek Manky, global security strategist for Fortinet´s FortiGuard Labs.

A zero-day vulnerability is a previously unknown threat that does not yet have a patch or update available from the vendor to close a security hole, thus leaving it open to attack. Once a zero-day vulnerability is identified, FortiGuard Labs analyzes and verifies it before vendors are notified. Upon verification, FortiGuard Labs develops an advanced zero-day IPS signature that is pushed out to Fortinet customers well in advance of a vendor´s patch release, which helps protect against the open security hole.

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