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Global commercial aircraft sector grows 8.9% in 2013

15 April 2014

Global commercial aircraft manufacturers´ revenues increased 8.9 percent in 2013, according to a Deloitte analysis of the top 100 global aerospace companies.

Key industrial metrics production output of 1,274 aircraft, net sales of 2,858 orders, a backlog of nearly eight years of production and revenues totaling nearly USD105bn contributed to the sector´s record performance. Primary drivers of new commercial aircraft requirements include increased travel demand especially in the Middle East, India and China as well as replacement of obsolete aircraft with new fuel-efficient models.

The analysis found that aircraft production levels in 2013 were 31 percent higher than 2010 and were more than twice the production levels experienced 10 years ago.

Deloitte analyzed the financial performance of 100 major global and US aerospace and defense companies in 2013. The key financial indicators analyzed include sales revenue, operating earnings and operating margins, obtained through company filings and press releases.


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