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Dairy Supplier gets 8% sales boost with Park City Group Visibility solution

Park City Group (NASDAQ: PCYG) said it helped a large regional dairy supplier show a year over year eight percent sales increases through better visibility of store/SKU consumer demand and using point of sale data to improve store orders and delivery cycles.

The dairy is using a combination of Park City Group´s Store-level Replenishment and Visibility solutions to achieve these results.

Park City Group´s Visibility solution provides shelf performance insight and directive action using analytics based on daily supply chain movement including point of sale data, deliveries and returns, and inventory counts. Analysis results convey where out-of-stocks are, what items are losing sales and how to resolve out-of-stocks and overstocks. Park City Group´s Store Level Replenishment solution provides a forecast and order to the store/SKU level using complete automation and is hands-off in the ´ordering´ version, or enables planner interaction in the ´replenishment´ version. Both tools integrate with the client´s internal systems as part of a complete picking/packing solution.

Park City Group is a Software-as-a-Service provider that brings unique visibility to the consumer goods supply chain, delivering actionable information that ensures product is on the shelf when the consumer expects it as well as providing food safety tracking information. More information is available at


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