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Endurance International Group seeks privacy and patent reform

Endurance International Group (NASDAQ: EIGI) continued its web civility mission by advocating for privacy and patent reform in Washington D.C. last week as part of Internet Education Day on Capitol Hill, organized by the Internet Infrastructure Coalition (i2C), of which Endurance is a founding member.

“Endurance is proud to be a founding member of the i2C and to participate in Internet Education Day on Capitol Hill for the second year in a row” said David Bryson, Endurance´s chief legal officer. Bryson, along with Endurance´s assistant general counsel, Jane Shih, spent two days with the i2C meeting with senators, congressional representatives and staffers from the House and Senate advocating for privacy and patent reform.

“Endurance believes that an amendment to the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA), originally enacted in 1986, before the birth of the Internet, is long overdue. We are simply asking Congress to amend the statute to make it consistent with the protections guaranteed to all Americans under the Fourth Amendment, namely that the government obtain a search warrant based on probable cause before it accesses your personal communications, whether they be in paper or electronic form,” said Shih. Regarding patent reform, Shih explained, “Internet and tech companies across the United States have been targeted by ´patent trolls´ or so-called ´non-practicing entities´ that purchase overly broad patents for the sole purpose of extorting licensing fees from real businesses — this problem affects businesses of all sizes, and is particularly insidious when end users, like our small business customers, are also targeted by these patent trolls. Defending against these frivolous claims diverts financial resources and management time away from innovation and job creation. The needed reforms would force patent trolls to have some ´skin in the game´ when suing real businesses.”

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