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Flower Delivery Express to resume drone testing

10 March 2014

In response to the recent ruling by a federal judge to make commercial use of drones legal, said it will resume testing drones to deliver flowers in the metro Detroit area.

Along with other companies testing drones commercially, such as Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) and Domino´s Pizza, conducted the first flower delivery by drone just before Valentine´s Day, which can be viewed on YouTube here: However, in response to the Federal Aviation Administration, who informed the company that commercial use is only authorized on a case-by-case basis, CEO Wesley Berry was forced to halt future testing with drones.

Berry maintains his multi-million dollar online floral delivery operation by staying ahead of others in the industry, and by testing and implementing technology to enhance the delivery of flowers. Alternative delivery methods are currently taking place and in development such as trucks carrying pre-made bouquets for rapid delivery and other guarded secret methods. delivers from their own brick and mortar flower shops with their own delivery fleet, and through FedEx and UPS from coast to coast. Deliveries are also made via a computerized sending network of affiliated shops. Its website is at


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