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Aireon receive payload passes space test

Space-based global air traffic surveillance system developed Aireon LLC said that the receiver payload for the system has successfully completed qualification testing for operation in space.

This achievement is a key building block in the deployment of Aireon and represents a significant milestone in validating that the payload and system design will provide robust reception of ADS-B signals from space.

The company will now begin production of 81 ADS-B 1090 extended squitter receiver payloads, designed by Harris Corp. (NYSE: HRS) , that will be hosted on the Iridium NEXT satellite constellation, launching in 2015. The receiver payloads will complement ground-based air traffic surveillance systems currently in use by seamlessly relaying position and status information of aircraft flying over oceans, poles and remote regions to air traffic controllers on the ground.

Aireon is a joint venture between Iridium Communications Inc. (NASDAQ: IRDM), NAV CANADA, ENAV (Italy), the Irish Aviation Authority, and Naviair (Denmark), established to launch the Aireon system by hosting ADS-B receiver payloads on Iridium NEXT, Iridium´s second-generation satellite constellation. Aireon will uniquely leverage Iridium NEXT to meet the critical need of extending ADS-B coverage and benefits to every flight path across the planet.

Headquartered in McLean, VA, Aireon LLC was formed to provide air navigation service providers with the capability to track aircraft anywhere in the world in near-real time, including the only coverage over oceanic, polar and remote regions. Its website is at


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  1. Ambient Air says:

    The incidence of space junk encounters is probably going to remain low and chase system enhancements will minimize the risks. however severe weather en-route and around airports is another matter altogether.