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Procera Networks service plan assurance enables quality, transparency

Procera Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ: PKT) said it has announced its “Service Plan Assurance,” the industry´s first service plan quality and transparency solution.

Now, fixed and mobile operators can provide individual subscribers with real-time and historical score cards detailing application performance and traffic management impact. This solution demonstrates to subscribers that they are getting the performance and quality of experience that the network operators are promising, making any network management policies enforced in the network transparent to end users.

Procera´s PacketLogic solutions offer network operators easy to use and easy to measure capabilities in customer experience assurance. PacketLogic solutions are able to ensure that the correct level of service is being delivered to the customer, as well as measure the impact of network congestion on the customer´s end user experience. The operators´ customer service team can also see a real-time and historical view of exactly what quality of service that user has been delivered, regardless of their location or the devices that they are operating.

Procera Networks delivers Internet intelligence solutions to service providers and network equipment manufacturers for analytics and enforcement of broadband traffic worldwide. For more information, visit


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