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AVG Technologies research shows digital abilities overtake key development milestones for today's children

According to an AVG Technologies N.V. (NYSE: AVG) study, major moments in a child´s life appear to be increasingly superseded by digital coming-of-age capabilities.

In the latest Digital Diaries study, over 6,000 mothers across 10 countries were interviewed about how their children use the Internet and smart devices.

The research reveals that by the ages of three to five, more children are able play a computer game (66 percent) or navigate a smartphone (47 percent) than tie their shoes (14 percent) or swim unaided (23 percent).

A testament to the rising role of mobile devices in our children´s lives, 57 percent can also operate at least one app on a smartphone or tablet an increase of 38 percent since the same question was asked four years ago.

By the age of 6-9, the Internet appears to have become deeply engrained in our children´s social lives, eliciting mixed responses from parents.

Of the 89 percent of this age group using the Internet, almost half (46 percent) are playing in a kid´s virtual world such as Webkinz or Club Penguin and almost one fifth (16 percent) are using Facebook.

Less than one mother in ten (nine percent) viewed these “digital playgrounds” as hindering their child´s social skills, but nearly one in five (19 percent) were aware their children had experienced aggressive behavior online in the last year.

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