Open Close announces historic price discount (NASDAQ: STMP) has announced a historic new discount for its customers who mail single piece letters.

Using software, a one ounce letter costs just 48 cents instead of the new 49 cents rate required elsewhere. said this is the first time in history that such a single piece letter discount has been made available by the USPS.

“The increase in postage this year is a painful nearly seven percent jump from USD0.46 to USD0.49 but users get a nice price break as they only have to pay four percent more at USD0.48,” said Ken McBride, chairman and CEO. “ and the USPS are doing their part to try to help small businesses save money and continue to recover and thrive in this economy.” is the provider of Internet-based postage services to nearly 500,000 customers.´s service enables customers to print US Postal Service-approved postage with just a computer, printer and Internet connection, right from their homes or offices.


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