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Echelon announces new system on chip

Echelon Corp. (NASDAQ: ELON) said it has produced a FT 6050 system on chip (SoC), a single-chip solution for providing reliable, cost-effective, flexible wired IP connectivity for communities of devices in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

The IP-enabled, multiprotocol, multi-drop FT 6050 is part of Echelon´s IzoT platform for the IIoT, the next generation of the world´s most successful industrial control platform based on Echelon´s ISO-standard Free Topology (FT) architecture.

The multiprotocol IzoT software running on the FT 6050 SoC provides designers a fast, low-risk path to market for IIoT products that are reliable and both backward- and forward-compatible with the full range of communications, transport and control networking standards.

Echelon, a pioneer in developing open-standard control networking platforms, delivers all the elements necessary to design, install, monitor and control industrial-strength “communities of devices” within the lighting, building automation, grid, Internet of Things. More information about Echelon can be found at, or and at the company´s blog at


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