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Bolt Solutions issued patent relating to connecting and exchanging information among disparate systems

ICG company (NASDAQ: ICGE) Bolt Solutions, Inc. reported it was issued patent No. 8,584,139 by the United States Patent and Trademark Office late in 2013.

The patent relates to the apparatus and methods for building compatibility between different computer systems and, particularly, to methods of data export and import between incompatible systems.

A number of industries, including the insurance industry, share the common challenge of the requirement for different parties to transfer information to one another, using disparate IT systems which lack a usable interface or connectivity. An additional issue, and possibly the most problematic, is the incompatibility between business rules, even when both parties support an agreed to data-transfer protocol. As a result, data must often be manually re-keyed, reformulated, revalidated, or manipulated in order to be processed by incompatible systems. The complexity, redundancy, and manual nature of the process mean that errors occur at multiple points, resulting in high costs and slow turnaround times.

Headquartered in New York and founded in 2000, BOLT Solutions Inc. (formerly SeaPass Solutions Inc.) offers the leading online sales and client service platform for anyone who wants to sell or buy insurance online. For more information visit


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