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Kiwi Wearable launches Kiwi Move website

Kiwi Wearable Technologies Ltd. said it has launched its pre-order campaign for the Kiwi Move, an Internet-enabled device that can be used to track daily physical activities, interact with and control Internet-connected devices at home, record voice notes and secure valuables.

Each Kiwi Move comes with a set of apps, which wearers use to harness the power of the device. Kiwi´s “When/Do” app gives wearers the power to set up rules to send notifications and control Internet-connected devices like smart TVs via gestures. The Kiwi “Move” app enables a wearer to analyze their behaviours and motion over time, enabling them to refine their golf swing, for example. Another app, Kiwi “Voice,” enables a wearer to record voice notes and control applications and connected devices using their voice.

To find out more information, visit:


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