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Onename Global plans centralized social networking platform

Onename Global said it has launched a crowdfunding project on in conjunction with the A&E, Project Startup to support the upcoming launch of a new platform that incorporates a centralized, social media dashboard for convenience, real life “gamification” and monetisation.

Members will have the opportunity to centralize social streams, such as Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) , Twitter and Linkedin and then showcase their ON-G page to friends or business associates on a single platform that makes them money.

All pages will be monetised instantly through an ad-share program, and the centralized dashboard will allow ON-G members to track earnings created by social media practices done every day such as liking, sharing, commenting, posting, and blogging.

Onename Global is an incentive based social media platform that will allow users the ability to centralize, manage, and monetise online activity on a scalable, social media platform. The company´s revolutionary concept is currently in the final stages of development.


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