Daegis Edge simplifies data ingestion

Daegis Inc. (NASDAQ: DAEG) eDiscovery division Daegis has announced key capabilities in Daegis Edge, offering clients simplified processes and visibility into their eDiscovery workflows.

New enhancements include the ability for clients to ingest data from Daegis´ AXS-One archive into the Daegis Edge eDiscovery platform as well as improved end user analytics from a new role-based dashboard.

Typically, data collected from an archive for ingestion into an eDiscovery software system must be manipulated and repackaged prior to import. In Daegis Edge, collected data exported from the archive is eDiscovery-ready and can now be immediately ingested for processing, review and production without further manipulation or processing, saving time and reducing risk.

The new dashboard in Daegis Edge provides users with an information-rich home page that can be personalized and configured based on the user´s role. By enabling personalized dashboards, clients have instant, visual access to the metrics associated with a matter, enabling more rapid decision making, continuation of the workflow and better monitoring and management.

Daegis also offers specialized services including data collection, analytics consulting, project management and managed document review services. Visit daegis.com and follow on Twitter @Daegis.

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